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UM is a world-class educational institution, dedicated to training innovators and leaders, from Bachelor to PhD. At UM, we give great importance to the quality of teaching and research, and we give theory a place to meet practice.

LMD System (does not apply to the medical thematics: medicine, odontology and pharmacy)

The university curriculum follows the LMD system, which divides higher education into 3 diplomas:

  • Licence (Bachelor’s degree, 3 years of Higher Education)
  • Master (Master’s degree, 2 years after Bachelor’s degree)
  • Doctorat (PhD, 3 years after Master’s degree)
schema LMD

Baccalaureat: high school/secondary school-degree normally achieved at around 18 years old

In 2014/2015, there were about 43 000 students enrolled at the University of Montpellier, getting involved in a dynamic environment where they can access any kind of study:

  • 2 domains:
    • Science – Technology – Health
    • Law – Economics – Management
  • 772 diplomas:
    • 73 Bachelor and Professional Degrees
    • 21 Technical Degrees
    • 10 Engineering Degrees
    • 143 Master Degrees

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