About UM

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A multidisciplinary university

with a strong focus on Health, Environment, and Agriculture

Created in 2015 through the merger of University Montpellier 1 and University Montpelliier 2, the University of Montpellier (UM) draws from the excellence and synergy of these two institutions.

It is reminiscent of the multi-disciplinary approach taken by the first university established in Montpellier in 1289 as a secular and international university.

For eight centuries, renowned scholars and scientists, from Rabelais and Curie, to Renaudot, Chaptal and Grothendieck, have been shaping this open university. It is deeply embedded into the life of the city and committed to the key challenges of its time.

Today, the University of Montpellier brings together an extensive community of knowledge, from science, technology, medicine and environmental sciences, to educational sciences, economics, management, law and political science. It is involved in a strategic global initiative aiming at making Montpellier one of the European capitals for Health and Agro-environment.

The University of Montpellier is the 6th largest multidisciplinary and intensive research university in France

Data sheet

  • 45,000 students
  • 16% of international students
  • 4,618 staff members (number of employees)
  • 2,300 Faculty staff
  • 1,800 PhD students (50% from abroad)
  • 3000 scientific publications
  • 586 patent families
  • 500,000 m2 University property area
  • About 7,000 international students
  • More than 1,300 outgoing students
  • 130 nationalities represented
  • 70 mobility destinations in the 5 continents