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Throughout its 800 years of existence, the University of Montpellier has never ceased to meet scientific and societal challenges.
Drawing both on its 16 faculties, schools or institutes, as well as its 78 research structures, the UM brings together a vast community of knowledge: science, technology, physical and sports activities, medicine, pharmacy, law, political science, economics and management.
The UM is an open university, which plays a leading role in the region’s dynamism and is resolutely turning towards the world. It thus enjoys international recognition in a wide range of scientific fields such as biology and health, agri-environment, chemistry, information and communication sciences and technologies, law, etc.

Why choose us ?

The university of Montpellier is one of the most innovative higher education in the world, researchers perform pioneering research with many contributors.

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University of excellence

The “Montpellier University of Excellence” project gathers the forces of 19 institutions towards a common ambition: create in Montpellier a thematic research-intensive university that will be internationally recognized for its impact in the fields of agriculture, environment and health.

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Governance and strategy

Created by the merger of the Universities of Montpellier 1 and Montpellier 2, the University of Montpellier is a public scientific, cultural and professional institution (EPCSCP), with legal personality and educational, scientific, administrative and financial autonomy.

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As the heir to two of Europe’s oldest universities, UM fully embraces its international heritage by promoting the spread of its knowledge and know-how in training and research engineering, and by perpetuating the tradition of welcoming teachers, lecturers, researchers, students and staff.

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Be informed

The University of Montpellier ( UM ) was created in 2015 through the merger of Universities Montpellier 1 and 2. The UM brings together an extensive community of knowledge, from sciences, technical arts, medicine and environmental sciences, to educational sciences, economics, law and political science.

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Whether PhD students, professors, but also researchers from the Universities of Montpellier, all are dedicated to research and do a remarkable job. Many people receive awards, discover their work and awards.

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International rankings

The University of Montpellier holds a leading position in the world’s top rankings thanks to the positive dynamics instilled by obtaining the I-SITE MUSE. Top university in the world in Shanghai’s ranking in ecology, first in France in Reuters’ ranking of the most innovative universities, and 5th in Leiden’s ranking which assesses the quality of scientific publications.

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The University of Montpellier brings together nearly 4,800 staff, including about 3000 holders identified within three major function families: teacher-researchers and teachers ; engineering, administrative, technical and service staff ; library staff.

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Today’s University News

International rankings

10 December 2018|

The University of Montpellier holds a leading position in the world’s top rankings thanks to the positive dynamics instilled by obtaining the I-SITE MUSE.

HR Excellence in Research

7 December 2018|

Université de Montpellier awarded with the “HR Excellence in Research” European label. In March 2017, UM has carried out a mid-term review report and update of its HR Strategy for Research (HRS4R) in line with

2nd French university to the last winners INPI

7 November 2018|

The University of Montpellier is the 2nd French university in the last list of patent applicants public / private published by the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI). It is ranked 35th with 38 deposits in 2017.