[Take-off #3] Towards the science competition

Xavier Garric is a researcher at the Max Mousseron Biomolecules Institute and co-founder of the start-up Womed, which develops an intrauterine medical device to combat infertility. In order to devote more time to his company, he has been awarded a scientific competition. He tells us about it in the video series "Décollage" proposed by the Department of Innovation and Partnerships of the University of Montpellier (DIPA).

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Claude Grison: the formula for clean chemistry

She has revolutionised chemistry by making it more environmentally friendly. Claude Grison has just been awarded the European Inventor 2022 prize in the 'Research' category by the European Patent Office. A look back at the career of the director of the ChimEco laboratory, for whom dialogue and transdisciplinarity are the keys to innovation.

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Support for Research 2022

The call for projects "Support to research 2022" is the first call for projects launched after the confirmation of the I-SITE label obtained by the University of Montpellier. For this year 2022, the Strategic and Structuring Investments Committee (COMIS) has chosen to maintain the general orientations of the 2021 call for proposals, while adding a component to support the acquisition of equipment. This call for projects therefore has two components: ERC springboard & innovation accelerator and scientific equipment.

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Julie Josse, the statistical missing link

A researcher at Inria, statistician Julie Josse joined the Desbrest Institute of Epidemiology and Public Health (IDESP) in January 2021. This specialist in missing data has been applying statistical power to the field of health for nearly ten years. At first glance, it is difficult to make a link between head trauma care and statistical research. However, since 2013, statistician Julie Josse has been working with intensive care physicians to improve the treatment of

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