The RN, from rootedness to establishment: the Languedoc example

For almost 40 years now, the far right has been a fixture in the French political landscape. The Rassemblement National (RN) obtained - with 89 seats - a resounding success in the legislative elections of 12 and 19 June, after the qualification, for the second time in a row, of Marine Le Pen for the second round of the presidential elections of 10 and 24 April 2022.

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The challenges that aerobatic flight imposes on pilots' bodies

Our species is acclimatised to a world of constant gravity - in this case, a pervasive force of acceleration arising from the Earth's attraction (the unit of gravity, g, is 9.81 m/s2 ). There are, however, circumstances where our bodies are subjected to more than the classical Earth gravity... This is again a matter of acceleration.

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Seniors also care about the planet

A study conducted in ten countries shows that more than half of young people think that "humanity is doomed" and blame previous generations for their inaction.

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The challenges of authentication to protect creativity at source

Innovation, creativity and its expression are fundamental levers for the scientific, industrial, cultural and economic success of a country. It is becoming essential to give confidence to inventors, by giving ourselves the capacity to protect creativity at the source. Certifying the authenticity of a new idea, or of the person who came up with the new idea, is essential to make our bubbling age of inventors more just.

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The 'anti-elitist' elite, a French paradox

The results of the presidential election led many observers to believe that France would be divided into three poles: a governing centre, a right-wing grouping its conservative and extremist currents, and a left-wing grouping mostly its radical pole.

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