The University of Montpellier’s leading position in the world’s top rankings gets boosted by the I-SITE MUSE.

UM is the first university in the world in the 2019 Shanghai ranking for Ecology, second French university in 2019 Reuter’s ranking for most innovative universities, 5th in France in 2018 Leiden’s ranking which assesses the quality of scientific publications, 3rd French university in the 2019 “University Impact ranking” of Times Higher Education. It progressed significantly from 197th to 141st place (up 54 spots) worldwide in the latest CWUR World University Rankings which evaluates 18,000 global universities.

Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) or Shanghai ranking: UM gets 1st place in ecology again

In 2019, and for the second year running, University of Montpellier ranks as the world’s #1 university in Ecology, ahead of Oxford University (U.K), UC Davis (USA), and Wageningen University and Research (NL). This remarkable result acknowledges Montpellier’s academic and research excellence in this field.
Overall, University of Montpellier is in the top 300 of the world’s best universities.

The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) better known as the Shanghai annual ranking is published by Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China. It has become one of the most anticipated rankings in the academic world.

Reuters ranking places UM as 1st French university (17th in Europe)

In 2019, University of Montpellier ranks 1st place in France, 17th in Europe.

University of Montpellier ranks 1st in the 2019 Reuters’ ranking of France’s Most Innovative Universities, a list that identifies and ranks the 100 educational institutions doing the most to advance science, invent new technologies and power new markets and industries. Unlike other rankings which are often based partially or completely on subjective surveys, Reuters exclusively relies on empirical data such as patent filings and citations of research publications.

Leiden ranking

In 2018, University of Montpellier ranked 5th in France and 237th in the world, going up 48 spots from the Leiden 2017 ranking. UM scores the most significant increase among French universities.

Since 2007, the Center for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) of the University of Leiden (Netherlands) has been developing a ranking of universities based on bibliometric indicators. Over 900 universities from 55 countries are ranked in Leiden’s 2018 ranking taking into account publications referenced in Clarivate Analytics’ Web of Science database. Selected universities all account for a minimum 1,000 scientific publications to their credit over the “2013-2016” period.
Various indicators used for this ranking include: number of publications, their impact according to the number of their citations and indicators on collaborations related to these publications.

Center for World University Ranking

In 2019, University of Montpellier ranks in the top 300 in the world and 2nd in France for “health and well-being in the workplace”, “sustainable development” and “partnerships towards Sustainable Development Goals” in the Center for World University Ranking
This world ranking of universities measures the quality of student education and training, the reputation and excellence of university lecturers and researchers and the quality of their work. This ranking takes into account the following criteria:

  1. Quality of education, measured by the number of former students who have won international awards, prizes and medals proportionately to the size of the university (15%)
  2. Alumni employment, measured by the number of alumni who have held CEO positions in the world’s largest companies proportionately to the size of the university (15%)
  3. Quality of the university, measured by the number of academics who have won international awards, prizes and medals (15%)
  4. Research results, measured by the total number of research papers (15%)
  5. Quality of publications, measured by the number of research papers published in leading journals (15%)
  6. Influence, measured by the number of research papers published in highly influential journals (15%)
  7. Citations, measured by the number of cited research papers (10%)

Hera are some other rankings of the University of Montpellier:

  • National ranking: 9
  • Level of educational quality: 565
  • Rank of former employees: > 1000
  • Faculty Quality Rank: 214
  • Research output rank: 142
  • Ranking of quality publications: 129
  • Rank of influence: 125
  • Citation ranking: 139
  • Overall score: 80

Times Higher Education (THE)

According to the 2019 Times Higher Education (THE) ranking of the world’s best universities, University of Montpellier ranks among the top 300 out of 1,258 world institutions. In 2017 and 2018, UM gained 50 spots yearly, totalling a remarkable 100-spot gain over the past two years.

Our establishment has improved significantly over the past year. The University of Montpellier now occupies a leading position in many international rankings, which is a recognition of our academic and research excellence and a lever for the attractiveness and exposure of the site”, says University of Montpellier president Philippe Augé.

These high rankings also reflect “the first results of the dynamics induced by the I-SITE MUSE project”, says Philippe Augé.

Times Higher Education Young University Rankings

In 2018, the University of Montpellier ranked 61st in the world and 8th in France. The University of Montpellier ranks in 5th place in France outside of Paris universities.

Times Higher Education Young universities’ ranking lists the world’s best universities of 50 years of existence or under. The 2018 ranking includes 250 universities, compared to 200 in 2017. The rankings are based on the same 13 performance indicators as THE World University Rankings’, but the weighting has been adjusted to give less importance to reputation.
242 universities appear in the THE ranking, 23 of which are French. Eight countries are represented: the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Ireland.

QS World University Rankings

Nationally, the University of Montpellier ranks 4th in the general ranking of the “life sciences and medicine” theme and is the only French university to appear in the top 100 for “environmental sciences”.
Established in 2004, QS World University Ranking is also one of the most renowned on the global higher education and research scene. It focuses on reputation surveys, which account for 50% of the evaluation. 800 of the most internationally recognized universities are ranked according to 6 variously weighted criteria.
General ranking: University of Montpellier ranks 442th globally.
Classification by discipline: UM results in the QS World University Rankings by subject 2019 confirm its significant progress in two of the I-SITE MUSE project’s key sectors:

  • “Life sciences and medicine”: 4th French institution and 162nd in the world (up 9 spots compared to 2018, and ahead of the universities of Paris-Diderot, Aix-Marseille, Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL) and Lyon 1).
  • “Earth sciences”: 9th French institution and in the top 200 globally. Sole French institution represented in the top 100 for “environmental sciences”, it is also among the top 100 for “earth and marine sciences”, this time, alongside Sorbonne University and Grenoble-Alpes.

National Taiwan University (NTU) ranking

University of Montpellier ranks 7th in France and 189th globally in the 2019 NTU ranking.
University of Montpellier’s NTU ranking has been progressing steadily since 2015, gaining 55 spots overall and reaching 189th globally in 2019, and 7th out of the 31 referenced French institutions.
Every year, NTU (National Taiwan University) publishes its world ranking of over 800 universities based on the performance of scientific publications.