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Enjoy a campus network at the heart of the city

A multi-site university

Located right at the heart of Montpellier, UM’s various sites advocate a university life that is fully integrated in the urban fabric. All sites are located near Tramway 1 line and 4 line and form a real campus network.

Ranking as the 3rd French city where it is pleasant to study, Montpellier enjoys exceptional advantages: 300 days of sun per year, easy access to the sea (15 minutes’ drive) and France’s largest pedestrian city center.

Optimal studying and working conditions

A community outreach network has been set up to make university life as easy as possible. Offices for information, integration and career guidance services, international relations, physical and sports activities as well as preventive medicine and health promotion allow for proximity within the university community.

Dynamic, independent student life

UM provides its students with premises for recreation and socializing: the Maisons des étudiants (student centers) are run by students, for students, and provide space for exchange and creation.

The University also organizes cultural events (concerts, conferences, film screening, exhibitions) and promotes artistic production (recording studios, workshops and more).



Direction de la Vie des Campus
Campus Triolet
Place Eugène Bataillon
34095 Montpellier Cedex 05
Tel : + 33 (0)4 67 14 30 47

Community life

More than 100 associations welcome UM’s students from all around the world. Community involvement contributes to academic success but also life fulfillment.

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Agencies and websites are set up to help French and international students in their search for accommodation.

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The city of Montpellier offers an extensive network of public transport services, trams, buses, as well as bicycle and car rentals.

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The CROUS of Montpellier manages restaurants and cafeterias where students can eat a balanced meal at a low price. Four university restaurants and ten cafeterias are located near UM’s campuses.

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Students can practice many sports at UM. Those activities are managed by the University department for sports and athletic activities (SUAPS).

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The University of Montpellier and the city of Montpellier greatly value culture and arts. Many cultural activities take place throughout the year.

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