The Preventive Medicine Service

The Preventive Medicine Service is open to all students of the University of Montpellier. Visits and consultations are free, confidential and in accordance with medical secrecy.
You will meet people in charge of reception and appointments, nurses, doctors, clinical psychologists, a dietician-nutritionist, as well as CROUS social workers. The multidisciplinary nature of our team enables us to offer you a global approach to your health problems or questions.

The prevention doctor does not take the place of the attending physician, he/she does not issue prescriptions or treatments except for the delivery of emergency contraception to students. He can advise you and direct you to the services best suited to your situation.

Download the "Health at the UM" guide
What to do when things go wrong?


If you are a first-time registrant, you will be invited to a statutory medical examination in one of the service's branches. You can also request a medical examination on your own initiative. During this visit, you will meet a nurse and a doctor.

Together, you can review your lifestyle, your integration into the University and your relationships with others. The nurse and doctor will analyse your health needs with you, advise you and, if necessary, refer you to other professionals. All data collected during the interview is confidential and recorded in your computerised medical file.

Remember to bring your health booklet/vaccinations to check your vaccination status (*)

(*) For students enrolling in the Bio/Health stream, you must be up to date with your specific vaccination requirements. Please note that if you have any contraindications to any of these vaccinations, you will not be able to follow Bio/Health studies.

Ifyou are a student with a disability: in order to guarantee equal opportunities, you can benefit from study and/or examination accommodations.

As soon as you start the new academic year, you should make an appointment as soon as possible with the Service de Médecine de Prévention.

The Preventive Medicine Service provides you with individual and personalised support, adapted to your needs, throughout your university course.

Any request for accommodation is handled by a multidisciplinary team: a doctor authorised by the CDAPH (Commission des Droits et de l'Autonomie des Personnes Handicapées de l'Hérault), a nurse, a secretary, etc., who will listen to you in order to assess your situation and, in view of your difficulties, to offer you adapted study and/or examination arrangements.

The team works in collaboration with the Handiversity service, the components and the school services.

N.B.: In the event of temporary disability (accidents, injuries, etc.), you must contact the Service de Médecine de Prévention as soon as possible.

Clinical psychologists will receive you in individual, confidential and free interviews, by appointment in the premises of the Prevention Medicine Service:

  • City Centre branch ;
  • Triolet antenna ;
  • Occitania branch.

For information and to make an appointment: 04 34 43 30 87

Do you have questions about gynaecology? To discuss various topics: contraception, sexuality, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), vaccination against HPV, etc. and/or to carry out a gynaecological examination.

Make an appointment with one of the doctors of the service, free and confidential consultation.

Contact: / email

Do you wonder about your eating habits?

To discuss various topics concerning diet, make an individual appointment with the dietician-nutritionist, free and confidential consultation.


You would like to reduce or stop your consumption.

You are looking for information, motivation and advice.
A smoking doctor and a nurse will answer your questions and offer to help you in your approach.
Consultations are free and confidential.

Contact : email

CROUS social workers are available to listen to you on a variety of issues: rights and duties, university and family life, overall health. After an interview and a shared assessment of your situation, you will be offered measures and/or an aid plan to ensure that your studies run smoothly.

You can meet the social workers at the Service de Médecine de Prévention or at the CROUS.

You will be informed of the dates and venues by email to your university address.

"Cooking workshops in the Cité Universitaire" or "How to eat well on a small budget".

The Service de Médecine de Prévention, the CROUS and the Cités Universitaires organise evening cooking workshops. These workshops are places to meet, share and exchange ideas about food in a friendly atmosphere.

Stress management workshops

Would you like to learn how to better manage your reactions to stress? Do you want to be more assertive and communicate better?

An introduction to QIGONG, the traditional Chinese gymnastics of slow movements, breathing exercises and concentration, associated with sophrology, will allow you to experiment practical tools for a better management of your emotions and your concentration.

Several free sessions of 5 sessions are held throughout the year by a physiotherapist-sophrologist.

Collective Actions and Student Health Links

The Service de Médecine de Prévention and its team of Student Health Advisers (ERS) will meet you in the halls of the various components.

Over a coffee, tea or fruit juice, we invite you to share a convivial moment during which activities will be proposed and we will be able to discuss different themes (food and budget, time management, alcohol in the evening, well-being and student life, sexuality and contraception, tobacco...).

Screening days

Throughout the university year, the Preventive Medicine Service offers you screening days on various health topics:

  • oral health check-up
  • vision and screens
  • hearing etc.


Institute of Biology - 2nd floor right
4 Boulevard Henri IV
CS 19044
Tel: 04 34 43 30 87

Aimé Schoenig Student House
Espace Richter - Bat B -1st floor
Rue Vendémiaire - CS 19519
Tel: 04 34 43 24 26

Place Eugène Bataillon
Building 16, ground floor
34095 Montpellier Cedex 5
Tel / Fax: 04 67 14 31 48

IUT of Montpellier
99 avenue de l'Occitanie
Building P
34296 Montpellier Cedex 5
Tel: 04 34 43 30 70

UFR Medicine - Nîmes site
Building B - 1st floor
186 Chemin du Carreau de Lanes - CS 83021
Tel: 04 66 02 81 99 / 04 66 02 81 14

Opening hours:
The secretariat is open every day from 8am to 12pm.
For the nurse's and doctor's attendance times, download the attendance schedule.

Secretariat: Mrs Eve Cardonnet
Tel: 04 66 02 81 96

Nurse: Mrs Isabelle Alengrin-Jean
Mrs Alengrin-Jean is present 3 times a week
Tel : 04 66 02 81 99

Doctor: Dr Michel Lehmann
Dr Lehmann is usually present on Monday and Tuesday.
Tel: 04 66 02 81 14

Outside normal office hours, if you have a problem that needs to be resolved quickly, you can contact the reception of the Faculty of Medicine on 04 66 02 81 81, who will put you in touch with the doctor if necessary.

IUT of Nîmes
8 rue Jules Raimu
30907 Nîmes
Tel: 04 66 62 85 73

Nurse: Mrs Claire Doumenc
Tel. 04 66 62 85 73 / 04 66 62 85 74

Doctor: Dr Michel Lehmann
Usually present on Thursdays from 8am to 4pm.

Outside normal opening hours and for a problem that needs to be resolved quickly, you can contact the reception of the Nîmes IUT on 04 66 62 85 00, who will put you in touch with the doctor if necessary.