Coming to study in France is embarking upon an exciting adventure. However, it requires some anticipation and formalities must be completed beforehand. As most lessons are conducted in French, understanding the French language is a requirement. French language requirements vary according to the level of studies you are targeting. Please check with the corresponding host schools for more details on the exact level of French language requirements per degree.

L1 students L3, Professional Bachelor, Master 1, Master 2 PhD students
French language requirements B2 DELF for Bachelor students Level 4 of the TCF or B2 DE No requirements

French-as-a-foreign-language courses are provided by the University of Montpellier during the academic year.

Enrolment procedures may vary if you wish to apply individually or via an exchange program. They also depend on your country of origin (within or outside of the European Union), your field of studies (science, law, medicine…) and the level of studies (Bachelor/Master/Doctorate).

Individual student application

Registering in L1 or L2 (1st and 2nd year of university)

A preliminary admission procedure DAP (Demande d’Admission Préalable) is mandatory if you wish to enroll in L1 (first year of studies) at a French University. The procedure will differ whether:

Depending on your country of origin you must complete the compulsory online process (CEF) on the Campus France website. This process is fast and simple, yet it requires payment of an application fee.

Deadline: applications must be submitted by mid-January each year.

For countries outside of the Campus France online process, you must complete your DAP application via the cultural office of the French Embassy in your country of residence (white application form).

Download the admission request form from the Ministry of Education website (green application form) or collect it from the university education office.

Registering in L3, Professional Bachelor, Master 1 or Master 2

Residents living abroad must pass the Campus France compulsory application procedure.

If your country does not offer this service, we advise you to contact the international relations office of the School directly.

Deadline: applications must be submittedby 30 April each year.

The admission request should be made directly with the institution in charge of enrolment in:

SPGEs (programs that prepare students for the Grandes Ecoles)
STSs postsecondary technical sections of secondary schools
Or other institutions not covered by the DAP process

Tuition costs

In France, annual tuition fees vary from €180 to €700 depending on the degree level of education (Bachelor,,Master, Doctorate).

IMPORTANT NOTE: fees may be much higher (up to €6,400) for certain degrees; please contact the host-faculty directly before registering.

Health insurance costs need to be added to tuitions costs (compulsory for students over the age of 20). The annual cost is around €200 and covers most medical expenses.

Application via an exchange program

If you come to France as part of an (ERASMUS+, BCI, Erasmus Mundus, international agreement…) exchange program, in general, you should inquire with your home institution, who takes care of the admission to our host university.

For most exchange program, please inquire with the international service of your home University.

If you are selected by your home University, you will have to fill in a learning agreement with your tutor, and send it to the International Relations Office of the targeted UM school.


Mobility Unit
Université de Montpellier – Direction des relations internationales
163 rue Auguste Broussonnet
34090 Montpellier
Tel: +33 (0)4 34 43 25 84

As part of the ERASMUS+ program, the University of Montpellier participates in International Credit Mobility.

Under international credit mobility, a Higher Education Institution (HEI) in a Partner Country can send its students, doctoral candidates or staff to a partner HEI in a Program Country, and vice versa. Students or doctoral candidates are able to study abroad for a limited period of 3 to 12 months for which credits are obtained. After the mobility phase, the students return to their sending institution to complete their studies. Similarly, staff can spend a teaching and/or training period abroad for up to 2 months.

The University of Montpellier is very much involved in projects developed under the ERASMUS+ program, under Key action 1 (Learning mobility of individuals), Key Action 2 (Innovation and good practices : Strategic partnerships, Capacity-building projects in the field of higher education…), sport…UM is currently participating in 20 different ERASMUS+ projects, and always seeks new partnerships and developments.


European Projects Unit
163 rue auguste broussonnet
34090 Montpellier
Tél. : +33 (0)4 34 43 23 23

Practical information

For students interested in Erasmus Mundus Action 1:

You need to go to the project’s website and follow the application procedure. The whole procedure is electronic and differs from one project to another; please refer to your own institution.

For students interested in Erasmus Mundus Action 2:

You need to go on the project’s website and follow the application procedure. The whole procedure is electronic.

List of documents needed:

  • Passport
  • Résumé
  • Cover letter
  • Language certificate (minimum level in French: B2)
  • Transcript of records
  • Copies of diplomas (if not available, a certificate stating that you graduated)

PhDs, Post-doc and Staff needs to add a letter of acceptance mentioning your project, signed by a supervisor from a UM laboratory who will agree to host you and support your application.

Check the University of Montpellier visitor's guide


Mobility Unit
Université de Montpellier – Direction des relations internationales
163 rue Auguste Broussonnet
34090 Montpellier
Tel: +33 (0)4 34 43 25 84