How do I register?
Depending on your situation, you can :
- either use the application for re-registration (available via your ENT computer account)
- or use the application for first registration at the University of Montpellier
at the end of which you will have to pay your registration fees online and send your supporting documents (online on the PJWeb application).
- or register directly with the Faculty (UFR) / School / Institute, on the basis of a registration file and according to its own procedures.

Remember to consult the registration procedures on the page of the Faculty (UFR) / School / Institute that concerns you to find out what steps to take.

When do the administrative registrations start?
Administrative registration at the University of Montpellier starts at the beginning of July.
Depending on the course you are enrolling in or your situation, these dates may vary.
To know the registration calendar, contact your Faculty (UFR)/School/Institute and consult the page dedicated to administrative registration.

I have been selected on Parcoursup or eCandidat, now how do I register?
Find out about the registration procedures for your Faculty (UFR)/School/Institute by consulting the page dedicated to administrative registration.
Prepare the supporting documents requested by your Faculty (UFR)/School/Institute, in particular: your INE number, your CVEC certificate, Parcoursup or eCandidat file number.
Connect to the registration application that concerns you, by entering the necessary fields to proceed with your online registration.
Please note that you must have confirmed your admission on Parcoursup or eCandidat beforehand (at least the day before your registration).

What documents do I need to provide when I register?
The list of supporting documents to be sent to finalise your registration is available on the page dedicated to the registration of your Faculty (UFR)/School/Institute. This step is compulsory, we advise you to prepare your supporting documents carefully and as soon as possible.
Do not hesitate to consult the "supporting documents" section of this FAQ.

How do I connect to the application for a first registration to the UM "Primoweb"?
Take your login, which must be 10 characters long.
You will find the necessary information on the home page of the registration application.

I have been through a Parcoursup procedure, how do I connect to the application? or I get a message saying "Unknown user", what do I do?
Check the following points or log in with the right identifiers:
- your login : P22 + 7 digits Parcoursup
- the format of your date of birth: ddmmyyyy (ex: 12081992)
Please make sure that you have confirmed your wishes on Parcoursup within the time limit.
If so, you will have to wait until the day after your confirmation to register on the "Primo Web" application.

How do I connect to the "Réins web" application to re-register at the UM?
First of all, connect to your UM computer account (ENT).
Then click on the corresponding thumbnail.

When I identify myself on the application, nothing happens, what can I do?
You probably have a problem blocking pop-ups (in the browser preferences or via an additional module such as Ad Block).
It is necessary to unblock them to be able to register. It is also advisable to empty/delete your history.

I was registered at the UM in a previous year but not in 2021-2022. I can't re-register online, what should I do?
You must contact the registration service of your Faculty (UFR)/School/Institute which will tell you how to register.

I registered online, how do I submit my supporting documents online?
Log in to the"PJ Web" application for submitting supporting documents.
To connect you will need to enter your :
- student number: available on the document you received by e-mail at the end of your registration (top right) or accessible on the consultation application.
- date of birth to be written in DDMMYYYY format

I have to submit my supporting documents online on "PJ Web", what file formats are accepted and for each file, what is the maximum size?
- The authorised file extensions are: "jpeg", "jpg", "pdf", "png"; except for the identity photo which must be provided in "jpeg" or "jpg" only.
- Scans are preferred to photographs but they are accepted if they are legible and of good quality.
- The size of each file must not exceed 4 MB.

How do I know if the Enrolment Service has received my supporting documents, submitted online on the "PJ Web" application?
You should log on to the"PJ Web" application for submitting supporting documents and check the validation status of your documents.
Check your e-mail box regularly, in case the enrolment service contacts you about your supporting documents.

One of my supporting documents is "refused", what should I do?
- Log back into the PJ web application and the reason for the refusal will be indicated.
- You will then have to submit a new supporting document and transmit it again through the application.

On the "PJ web" application for filing documents online, I can only file one file although I have several files that correspond to the requested document.
There are free tools for scanning documents with your mobile phone. These tools also allow you to modify "pdf" files so that you have two files in one. You can easily find these free tools on the internet.
There are also functions on the computer that allow you to merge several PDF documents (pdf printer).

On the "PJ web" application for online filing of documents, what if I am not concerned by a document?
- You must inform your registration department.
- You can add a blank page with the mention NOT CONCERNED.

I registered online and I made a mistake in entering my date of birth, the spelling of my name (or any other information) and I can no longer correct it. What should I do?
You must report any input error to the registration service of your Faculty (UFR)/School/Institute, which will make the corrections.

I need to provide an official identity document. Which document is accepted?
Accepted documents: national identity card (CNI), passport.
If you do not have either of these two documents, a driving licence in the format recognised by the European Union.
Refused documents: bus pass, train pass, etc...

I need to provide a certificate of civil liability / school/extra-curricular insurance.
What is a civil liability or school insurance?
Where can I get a certificate of civil liability?

Civil liability is an insurance policy that corresponds to the obligation of each person to repair damage caused to others, through fault, carelessness, negligence or by owned, rented or borrowed objects.
All students must be covered by a civil liability insurance in the framework of their studies (see the internal regulations of the University of Montpellier).
Where can I get a civil liability certificate?
From your insurer, from your mutual insurance company or when you open a bank account in France.
The certificate must bear the words "civil liability".

Important : Make sure that you do not over-insure yourself: before subscribing, check in advance that your comprehensive home insurance or your rental insurance (or those of your parents) do not already cover private life or school/extra-curricular activities.

A professional civil liability policy does not correspond to the request made for an administrative registration. Likewise, a membership form or a fee payment does not constitute a certificate of insurance: these two documents are not admissible.

I need to provide a transcript of my baccalaureate grades. Where can I find it?
You can download your transcript by logging into your Cyclades space (Menu -> My Documents).

I need to provide a notification from Parcoursup. Where can I find it?
You can download your Parcoursup notification by accessing your file on Parcoursup (My dashboard -> Admission -> Attestation).

I need to provide a summary of my online registration. Where can I find it?
To obtain a summary of your registration, you can download it from your computer account (ENT). Click on the thumbnail "Recap. Registration". You can also click here.

I need to provide a passport photo. What format is accepted?

The photo appears on the student card, it must be on a neutral background without a border and in "passport photo" format.
Only JPG and JPEG formats are accepted for uploading the photo to the Pjweb application.
Please note: pdf format is NOT accepted.

I have to provide a declaration on my honour. Where can I find it?

Please find the pdf and word form.

If you file your supporting documents online (PJWeb application), you can download the procedure for signing a pdf.

If you are unable to use the pdf form, you can use the word format and insert your scanned signature (the image of your signature) or print it out, complete it and scan it and re-file it online in the PJWeb application.

I have to provide the JAPD/JDC. What do I do if I have lost my certificate of participation in the call-up day?

French students under the age of 25 must provide proof of their national service obligations in order to be authorised to register for examinations and competitions subject to public authority control.

Only one copy of the certificate is issued. However, before your 25th birthday, you can request (by post or e-mail) a certificate of status from the national service centre for which you are responsible (the one in your census department) or from the one near your place of residence, attaching a copy of your national identity card to your request.

I need to provide a CVEC certificate. Where can I find it?

Before registering at the University, you must log on to the website to find out what you need to do.

Depending on your situation, you will be asked for your CVEC number and/or your certificate when you register.

The CVEC process must be carried out for the academic year of registration, i.e. 2022-2023.

Step 1: Complete the necessary procedures via (remember to have your INE number ready)

Step 2: Print your certificate, which you will be asked to provide when you register, whether or not you are exempt from paying the contribution: the certificate is compulsory.

Step 3: Proceed with your registration or re-registration according to the procedures set up in your faculty, school or institute.

Depending on your situation, either :

  • You will be asked to pay a flat fee of 95€.
  • You will be exempted

In both cases, you will be issued with a certificate: without it, you cannot complete your administrative registration.

Please note: For non-scholarship students, we invite you to log on now to the website to create an account and facilitate your procedures.

If you register for more than one course in the same academic year, this contribution is only due for the first registration.

The CVEC is a contribution "intended to encourage the reception and social, health, cultural and sporting support of students and to support the preventive and health education actions carried out for them".
Whatever your situation (having paid the CVEC or exempted) you must provide a CVEC certificate when you register or re-register.

I am a minor, what documents do I need to provide?
You must provide an authorisation to enrol from your legal representatives. Once completed, it will be kept in your file by the registration service.

Applications for scholarships, and possibly for student accommodation, are managed by the CROUS of Montpellier after submission of a Dossier Social Etudiant. When you register, you will be asked for the notification of your scholarship with the mention of your level, which exempts you from the registration fees.

I did not receive my notification from CROUS when I registered. What should I do?
You will be enrolled at the full rate and as soon as you receive your notification, you will be able to request a refund of your registration fees.
If you request payment in three instalments, the refund will not be made until at least 15 days after the last instalment is taken within two to three months of your registration.
If you have declared yourself a scholarship holder during your online registration/re-registration and you have not yet received the notification from CROUS, you will be asked to pay the registration fees.

How do I get a refund of the registration fee if I am recognised as a scholarship holder after my registration?
The refund is made by bank transfer. You must present to the Registrar's Office: your student card, a copy of both sides of the CROUS notification mentioning a step, as well as a bank account number, preferably in your name. If the reimbursement is to be made to a third party's bank account, you must attach to the RIB an authorisation for reimbursement to a third party.

The registration fees are fixed by ministerial order. They include the right to the diploma and the right of access to the University Library.
Details of the fees paid at the time of registration are shown on the Scol'Pass fee receipt or on your registration summary which can be downloaded from your computer account (ENT) ("Récap Inscription" sticker).

What payment methods are available?
For online registration, payment will be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard).
For on-site registration, you can pay by Visa or MasterCard, by cheque made out to the Accounting Officer of the University of Montpellier.
For payment by bank transfer: ask your Faculty (UFR)/School/Institute of registration for details.
Registration will only be possible after receipt of payment. Cash payments are not accepted by the registration service.

Can I defer the collection of my payment by cheque?
No. The registration accounts are processed daily in accordance with the regulations in force. If you think you are having difficulties with your payment, do not hesitate to inform the person in charge of registrations.

I have no means of payment. Can someone else pay the fees for me?
Yes, but be careful about the solvency of this third party so that you do not end up in an unpaid situation with the university.

Is it possible to pay in instalments?
Yes, for registration for a national diploma. Payment in three instalments is possible for amounts of €100 and above. The first third must be paid by credit card when registering online or when finalising the registration at the registration centre. At the same time, the other two instalments will be subject to direct debit authorisation. This method of payment is not possible if the bank card expires before the last scheduled direct debit.
Before paying in 3 instalments, please ensure that your credit card is valid for all 3 instalments.

I can't pay online. What should I do?
Contact the registration service of the Faculty (UFR)/School/Institute, solutions may be proposed. For online payment, only Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

When I registered online, I declared myself as a grant holder on social criteria (CROUS), but the amount claimed does not correspond to my situation.
Go back to the "ANNUAL DATA" page of the registration application you used.
To the question: "What is the nature of the scholarship? Indicate: "Bourse de l'enseignement supérieur" and to the question: "What is the nature of your financial aid? Indicate: "Scholarship on social criteria".
If, despite everything, your problem persists and you think you are a scholarship holder, contact the registration service of your Faculty (UFR)/School/Institute or the CROUS.

My payment has been rejected by the bank. What should I do?
Contact your enrolment department as soon as possible. As long as the accounting situation has not been regularised, you will not be able to obtain your transcripts, your certificate of achievement or your diploma.

I am registering online, but I don't want to pay online with a credit card.
When you register online, payment is mandatory. You can choose to pay in one or three instalments.
If you are unable to pay online, you will have to register on the basis of a registration file. Contact the registration service of the Faculty (UFR)/School/Institute concerned to find out how to register.

I registered online, but my payment was refused, what are the consequences?
Please note that payment is compulsory for online registration. If payment is refused, contact the registration service of the Faculty (UFR)/School/Institute to proceed with your registration.

What is the difference between these 3 numbers?
The Base-Elèves Académique, or BEA, is a number allocated to each student in the Sixième in France, allowing individual identification in secondary education. The Identifiant National Etudiant, or INE, is assigned to every student enrolled in the final year of secondary school in France since 1995 or already enrolled in a French public higher education institution.

Since 2018, the INE number is in the form of eleven characters, of which only the last two are letters.

The INE number assigned before 2018 consists of eleven characters, combining numbers and 1 to 5 letters.

The INE number differs from the national insurance number, also known as the INSEE number, in format (15 digits) and usage.

The INE is usually found on the transcript of the baccalaureate (final or early tests). It also appears on school certificates issued by high schools and universities.

The student number (in addition to your name) serves as a personal identifier, especially in case of homonymity. The student number given by the University of Montpellier cannot be used at any other university, unlike the n°INE, which is recognised at national level.

I can't find my INE (National Student Identity) number?
The INE number is mandatory for your administrative registration.
If you have been a candidate for a French baccalaureate or you have been enrolled in French higher education: you can find it on your baccalaureate transcript or on your higher education transcript.
If you are a foreign student and have already studied in French higher education: you will find your INE number on your student card, school certificate or transcript of records.

I don't have an INE, what should I do?
An INE will be given to you by the university when you first register. An INE will be given to you by the university when you first register. It will be valid thereafter in all French universities.

I forgot to enter my INE when I registered online and I am given a new one, what should I do?
You should report the anomaly to the Registration Department as soon as possible.

I don't know my address at the beginning of the school year? What do I have to give when I register?
It is advisable to give a fixed family address valid for the autumn. Don't forget to specify "At Mr/Mrs..." if your name is not on the letterbox. You can then notify the Registration Department of your change of address at any time. This address is particularly important as it will be used to communicate with you by post, if necessary.

I will change my address during the academic year. Do I have to report this?
Yes, you should notify your Registrar as soon as possible. Your address is particularly important because it is the one that will be used to communicate with you by post, if necessary.

Requests for study and/or examination accommodations in 2022-2023

  1. On the registration form, fill in the section "declare a disability".
  2. First registration at the UM: fill in the online form.
    Re-registration at the UM: go to your ENT, "Handy" tab, to make your request.
  3. Make an appointment for an interview with the preventive medicine service (SCMPPS) and the Handiversity service.

Please note: All requests for examination and/or study adjustments must be made each academic year, before 30 November of the current year.

More info: https: //

I would like to use a customary forename, what should I do?
You can request the use of a customary first name by filling in the request for the use of a customary first name form.

I am looking for information about studying at the University of Montpellier, where can I find it?
You will find information about enrolment and studying at the University of Montpellier on the page " Coming to study at the University of Montpellier " and on the enrolment pages of the UFR / Schools / Institutes.

I want to apply for High Level Athlete status, what do I need to do?
To be eligible for high-level sportsperson status you must :

  • or be registered on the ministerial lists
  • either be in a French centre or have an agreement with a training centre
  • either meet the criteria set by the University of Montpellier

To know the criteria and to obtain the status of SHN student, you must apply online on the University of Montpellier website.
For more information on the steps to take, go to the Sport (SUAPS) page of the University website: https: //

Can I register by proxy?
The regulations in force do not allow registration by a third party. If you are unable to attend, please contact the registration service.

Can I register by correspondence?
Only if this method is provided for the course you are applying for. Please contact the Faculty (UFR)/School/Institute concerned.

I am waiting to sign a professionalization contract or an apprenticeship contract. Can I still register?
You are invited to refer to the instructions of the registration service.

I am a minor, what do I need to do to register?
You must provide an authorisation to enrol from your legal representatives. Once completed, it will be kept in your file by the registration service.

I have dual nationality, including French nationality. Which one should I register under?
French nationality is compulsory.

I have been out of school for more than two years. What should I do?
You must apply to the University's Continuing Education Service for authorisation to resume your studies in order to find out whether you are covered by initial training or possibly funded continuing education.

While waiting for a reply from another educational establishment, I have registered at the University of Montpellier. What should I do if I change my mind about continuing my studies?
You must contact the registration service as soon as possible to request a cancellation and a refund of your tuition fees. This is automatic if you make a written request before 1 September. On the other hand, a refund for cancellation requested after 2 September must be examined by a committee. It may be refused in the absence of convincing evidence.

I was registered at another French university and I would like to request a transfer.
Ask your school for information, the transfer procedure must follow a specific procedure. The transfer is subject to the agreement of both heads of establishment.

What happens if I don't register in time?
Registrations take place according to a precise and widely communicated calendar.
Any late registration is systematically subject to a late registration authorisation which may be refused in the absence of convincing evidence.

The card gives access to the University's premises. It must be presented to the university authorities or to agents designated by them whenever they request it. Any refusal to present the card will expose the student to disciplinary proceedings. Any loan, exchange, falsification or attempt to falsify a card is prohibited and is subject to sanctions, including disciplinary action.

When and where do I get my student card?
When you finalise your first administrative registration at the University of Montpellier, at the registration centre or the schooling service. The procedures will be explained to you by the department concerned. When you re-register, the card is updated with a sticker indicating the academic year.

I have lost my card or it has been stolen or damaged (bent, perforated...). What should I do?
You can request its renewal (for a fee) on CMSWEB from your ENT ("Student card" sticker). On the other hand, if the card is defective (inactive, mute, etc.), you must go to your school office: it may be a manufacturing defect. The card will be renewed free of charge.

The Scol'Pass is an A4 document containing three school certificates and a receipt for the registration fee. The Scol'Pass is issued when your registration is finalised, on request from your school.

The Scol'Pass is not the only way to obtain a school certificate. If your enrolment is regular, you can access it via your computer account (ENT), ("My file" tab - "Enrolments" section).

How can I obtain my school certificate?
You have registered online: once you have submitted your supporting documents on the "PJ web" application and the registration service of the Faculty (UFR)/School/Institute concerned has validated them, you will be able to download your schooling certificate from your ENT (thumbnail "My file" - "Registration" section).
If you have registered directly with the registration service: you will receive your certificate at the end of your registration or it will be available online soon.

How do I activate my UM computer account (ENT)?
Once you have registered, you will receive a personal link that you can click on to the personal e-mail address you provided during registration.
This link is valid for a limited time, so we advise you not to wait to proceed with this validation.

I have not received the activation email for my computer account or the link I received is out of date, what can I do?
Click on "Connection problem" on the first page of the ENT and let yourself be guided.

I can't connect to my computer account, what should I do?
Click on "Connection problem" on the first page of the ENT and let yourself be guided.

Where can I find my UM computer account (ENT)?
You can access your ENT account on the UM website, left column "Direct access", tab "Platform", ENT.