This charter was established with the partners of the I-SITE MUSE project and in application of the AVIESAN charter. The Research Commission of the Academic Council of the University of Montpellier in plenary session, in its meeting of 5 December 2016 modified on 3 March 2021, unanimously approved the signature charter for scientific publications of authors belonging to the research structures of the University of Montpellier.
The challenge of a standardised signature is major for the identification of the publications of the university and research organisations during bibliometric surveys, evaluations and international rankings, as well as for the evaluation of the I-SITE MUSE project by the international jury.

Applicable principles

  • Single-line address,
  • Mandatory mention of the University of Montpellier in the first position in the form "Univ Montpellier" or "Université de Montpellier" or "University of Montpellier",
  • Designation of the unit only by its acronym or short wording in the absence of an acronym (no UMR or UR number),
  • Compact address: city and country (no street, postcode or cedex).
  • Specific case: the employer is not a trustee of the unit or is a secondary trustee:
    • This will be mentioned in the same way as a guardianship in the affiliation of the author concerned,
    • Mention the health establishments in the form "CHU Montpellier" or "CHU Nîmes" or "ICM".

The signature of the publications will therefore read as follows:
[Unit acronym or short name], Univ Montpellier, [main supervisor(s)], [employer if different from main supervisor(s)], [city of the research unit], France

In the case of work funded by a research support programme, publications should mention the name of the funder and the programme concerned: "This work was supported by [name of funder] under the programme...".

For work funded by the MUSE I-SITE: "This work has received support from the French government under the Programme d'Investissement d'Avenir, Initiative Sciences Innovation Territoires - MUSE ."

Download the signature charter for scientific publications