Prepared within a Doctoral School, the doctorate is training for and through research. The doctoral student's research work is carried out under the responsibility of a thesis director within a research unit. The preparation of the doctorate is carried out in application of the decree of 25 May 2016.

To enrol in a doctoral programme, the candidate must hold a master's degree or another degree conferring the grade of master after completing a course of study that establishes his/her aptitude for research.

If this condition is not fulfilled, the President of the University of Montpellier may, by dispensation and on the proposal of the Doctoral School Council, enrol in the doctoral programme candidates who have completed studies of equivalent level or who benefit from the validation of acquired experience. Registration for the doctorate is authorised by the President of the University of Montpellier on the basis of a proposal from the Director of the Doctoral School after receiving the opinion of the thesis director and the Director of the research unit.

The preparation of the doctorate is normally carried out in three years of full-time equivalent research time. In other cases, the duration of the preparation of the doctorate may be up to six years.
The Director of the Doctoral School verifies that the scientific, material and financial conditions are in place to guarantee the proper conduct of the doctoral student's research and preparation of the thesis. The admission procedures for candidates are defined by the Doctoral Schools.

The annual amounts of the registration fees paid from the 2021-2022 academic year onwards shall be fixed in accordance with the provisions of the Order of 19 April 2019.

Students enrolling for the first time in higher education are automatically affiliated to a compulsory health insurance scheme.

On the other hand, non-affiliated students who are enrolling for the first time in higher education in France must take steps. These students are :

  • residents of overseas collectivities (New Caledonia or Wallis and Futuna) or born abroad
  • nationals of a country outside the European Union, Switzerland or the European Economic Area

After paying the CVEC and registering administratively at the UM, they must register on the dedicated website:

More information on theAssurance Maladie website and on the etudiant.gouv.frwebsite

CPAM documentation: Memo-etudiants and Memo-etudiants-etrangers

What is the CVEC?

The CVEC is the Contribution de Vie Etudiante et de Campus. By law, it is collected by the CROUS. You may be subject to it or be exempted from it depending on the case. The CVEC is a contribution "intended to promote the reception and social, health, cultural and sporting support of students and to support the preventive and health education actions carried out for them", which was introduced on 1 July 2018.

Who is concerned (subject to the CVEC)?

  • PhD student in initial training
  • Co-tutored doctoral students who pay their tuition fees to the University of Montpellier (see co-tutoring agreement)

A mandatory process

There are 2 different cases:

  • or the PhD student must pay a lump sum of the CVEC before registering at the University of Montpellier
  • or the PhD student is exempt.

In both cases, a certificate will be issued: this must be produced at the time of administrative registration.

Who is exempt?

  • Refugee doctoral students
  • Doctoral students benefiting from subsidiary protection
  • Doctoral candidates registered as asylum seekers and having the right to remain in the territory
  • French government scholarship holders (BGF)

When should this be done?

The doctoral student must pay this contribution after receiving the registration authorisation e-mail sent by the Doctoral Studies Department.
No refund of the CVEC will be made.

Where to do this?

  • Step 1: Log on to
  • Step 2: payment (except in the case of exemption), for payment details consult the CROUS website
  • Step 3: download the certificate, it will be requested at the time of registration (even in case of exemption): it is compulsory.

Who is not concerned (not subject to the CVEC)?

  • Co-tutored doctoral students who do not pay their tuition fees to the University of Montpellier but to the partner institution (see co-tutoring agreement)
  • (Incoming) PhD student on Erasmus mobility
  • Doctoral students in continuing education, i.e. whose training is paid for by their employer or by a collecting body. For any information, please contact the Continuing Education Service
    . No action is required (no CVEC certificate to provide).


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