In accordance with the decree of 25 May 2016 establishing the national framework for training and the procedures leading to the award of the national doctoral diploma, the authorisation to present a thesis for defence is granted by the President of the University of Montpellier, following the opinion of the director of the Doctoral School, on the proposal of the thesis director.
The candidate's work is examined beforehand by at least two rapporteurs who will draw up a written report. The President of the University of Montpellier will base his decision on the opinions issued by the rapporteurs to authorise the defence.
The organisation of the defence is a procedure that requires time.
The "request for authorisation to defend a thesis" file must be submitted to the Doctoral School at least 8 weeks before the date of the defence.

This application includes :

  • Appointment of rapporteurs: they are given 3 weeks to prepare their report
  • The appointment of the members of the jury
  • Authorisation to defend

The submission file is prepared via the Adum portal. Once all mandatory fields have been filled in and the doctoral student has validated his/her application, the defence forms will be accessible in his/her personal space.

Composition (Order of 25 May 2016)

The rapporteurs :

2 rapporteurs

  • Habilitated to direct research (HDR) or equivalent,
  • external to the supervision team, the doctoral school and the University of Montpellier
  • no co-publication with the doctoral student,

The Jury :

from 4 to 8 members

  • At least half of the members must be professors or equivalent,
  • At least half of the members are external to the doctoral school and to the University of Montpellier,
  • The Chair of the Jury shall be a Professor or equivalent rank.

The thesis director participates in the Jury but does not take part in the decision, he/she is considered as an "internal member" to establish the composition of the Jury.

In the case of a co-supervision of a thesis, the choice of rapporteurs and the composition of the jury must respect the agreement between the partner universities.

After the defense

Admission (or deferral) is pronounced after deliberation by the jury.

The original defence documents, duly completed and signed, must be submitted to the Doctoral Studies Department within 15 days of the defence:

  • The minutes of the defence,
  • The jury's opinion on the digital reproduction of the thesis,
  • The defence report
  • Proxies for members of the jury by video conference (for the members concerned)

Links :

Withdrawal from the Doctoral Studies Department: the doctor must present a valid identity document.

By post: the doctor must send the " diploma withdrawal form " to the Doctoral Studies Department together with a copy of his/her valid identity card.

The diploma will be sent abroad to the French embassy or the European delegation.

By proxy: the doctor must complete the " proxy for withdrawal of the diploma". The proxy must present the power of attorney, a copy of the doctor's identity card and his/her identity card to the Doctoral Studies Department.


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