The "EuroMov Digital Health in Motion" research unit aims to promote the cross-fertilisation of artificial intelligence, movement sciences and health sciences to understand human behavioural plasticity in order to improve sensorimotor performance and to envisage new therapeutic approaches, and to find a scientific metaphor in it, a source of inspiration for new digital approaches: automatic learning or adaptive control of complex systems, human/machine interaction and context-sensitive software systems.

This line of research on "Digital Health in Movement" consists ultimately in better understanding the etiology of human movement, considered as the level of integration of biological and cognitive phenomena, during our permanent informational exchanges with the environment.

The research unit is organised into three scientific themes and two transversal axes:

  • Perception In Action & Synchronization (PIAS) theme: discover the laws governing human perception in moving agents (perception in action) and human-environment synchronisation in general.
  • Monitoring and Improving Behaviors (MIB) theme: to provide users with advice on how to improve their behaviors in order to achieve better health, quality of life or sports performance, particularly by developing software engineering.
  • The Learning and Complexity (LAC) theme focuses on the study of human learning and complexity through signatures of health movement, clinical data and indicators of neural activity by developing interpretable models.
  • Semantics and Taxonomy of Movement (SemTaxM): to identify taxonomic classifications of movement and to define a theory of semantics carried by movement and models of semantics anchored in specific contexts.
  • The Factory cross-cutting axis aims to improve the reproducibility of results and accelerate translational research and technology transfer by providing standardised and documented approaches with an open data dissemination strategy.

Label: UR_UM102
Main supervisors: UM, IMT Mines Ales
Scientific department: Biology Health
Doctoral schools: Information, Structures, Systems; Human Movement Sciences



University of Montpellier
700 Avenue du Pic Saint Loup
34090 Montpellier France