Muscle dynamics and metabolism (DMEM)

The DMEM laboratory is a joint research unit of INRA and the University of Montpellier.

We are interested in understanding the tissue, cellular and molecular mechanisms that enable skeletal muscles to develop correctly and adapt to their environment.

Our hypothesis is that abnormalities in muscle tissue adaptation to environmental changes (diet, level of physical activity) can modulate body homeostasis and, more broadly, health status.

DMEM is therefore a fundamental research unit whose aim is to advance our knowledge of skeletal muscle function and physiology. We are also open to the possible applications of our research, as demonstrated by our partnerships with private companies interested in our results.

Label: Unité Mixte de Research (UMR)
Main supervisors: UM, INRAE
Research division: Biology and Health
Doctoral schools
: Human Movement Sciences; Chemical and Biological Sciences for Health


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