Training for tomorrow’s careers

A wide range of training programmes

University of Montpellier is a multidisciplinary university that federates 16 schools which are organized into two main complementary domains: SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, HEALTH and LAW, ECONOMICS, MANAGEMENT. It provides students with an opportunity to train in multiple areas in order to meet the needs of tomorrow’s demanding careers, by combining disciplines such as robotics/engineering and health, economics and the environment, or law and information technologies. UM’s strategy revolves around inter-disciplinary and multi-skill training programs.

A university closely tied to its region

University of Montpellier is a highly-valued stakeholder in the Occitanie Region, with over 4,500 members of staff, 45,000 students and a 400 million euros budget. UM plays a major active role in the local development.

In addition to its economic impact, UM is deeply committed to the dissemination of academic, scientific and cultural knowledge and to the contribution to the city’s exposure.

Strong position at national level

6th largest French University by size, UM is ideally located in the South of France. It benefits from great climate conditions and strives to increase its attractiveness by promoting specific funding mechanisms such as programs designed for post-doctoral students.

UM is a world-class higher education institution which is dedicated to training innovators and leaders, at Bachelor and up to PhD level.

The university curriculum follows the Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate system (LMD) of the Bologna Process. This system results from the European zone’s efforts to standardize higher education within the European Higher Education Area. It is organized around 3 diplomas:

  • Licence (Bachelor’s degree, equivalent to 3 years of Higher Education)
  • Master (Master’s degree, equivalent to 2 years after a Bachelor’s degree)
  • Doctorate (PhD equivalent to 3 years after a Master’s degree)

The University of Montpellier is a signatory University of the Magna Charta Universitatum.

schema LMD

Baccalaureat: high school/secondary school-degree normally achieved at around 18 years old

The “Baccalauréat” is the French high school/secondary school-degree that allows students to embark into University studies, usually around 18 years of age.