"Energy transition: what citizens can do".

  • Category: Conference
  • Dates : February 8, 2023
  • Opening hours: A 18h
  • Venue: Faculty of Economics, Richter Campus, Amphitheatre C001

As part of the "Rendez-vous de l'Éco" series, the Faculty of Economics, in partnership with Midi Libre, is organizing a conference on the theme of "Transition énergétique, les leviers d'action des citoyens".

The acceleration of climate change and the multiplication of extreme events remind us of the urgent need to drastically curb our greenhouse gas emissions. In order to begin reducing emissions and meet our climate commitments, the energy sector will have to undergo a profound transformation, the ultimate goal being an economy totally independent of fossil fuels.

One of the levers of this energy transition is the development of renewable energies, whose weight in the energy mix is set to increase sharply over the next few years, as shown by the forecasts produced by RTE, the French electricity transmission system operator, where, in the central scenario, solar and wind power capacity will have to be multiplied by a factor of 11 and 3 respectively.

This will require us to rethink the ways in which these energies have been developed to date, and to involve local communities and citizens, who have a fundamental role to play.

In this conference, our 3 speakers will discuss the levers of action for achieving this energy transition, with the emphasis on actions that can be taken by citizens.

The speakers:

  • Christian De Perthuis, Professor Emeritus at Paris-Dauphine University and founder of the Climate Economics Chair
  • Julien Hostache, president and co-founder of Enerfip
  • Raphaëlle Vienot, Deputy General Manager AREC Occitanie

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