The University of Montpellier's "5 minutes to convince" competition

As part of the "Rencontres de l'insertion professionnelle" (professional integration meetings) from January 23 to 26, the Bureau d'Aide à l'Insertion Professionnelle (professional integration support office) of the SCUIO-IP of the University of Montpellier is organizing the "5 minutes to convince" competition. The idea is to reward students who give the best presentation of their career plans to a jury of specialists from the socio-economic world and higher education.

There will also be a conference on entrepreneurship led by Pierre Alzingre, a start-up and entrepreneurship specialist, and Sonia Braun, a chartered accountant.

Project support and computers to win

The "5 minutes to convince" competition gives UM students the opportunity to present their project to a panel of experts from the professional and academic worlds.
There are 3 categories in which to compete:

  • professional project" category for internships, jobs, further studies or international mobility.
  • business creation" category for a project to set up a company, association or take over a business.
  • PhD students" category for post-doc applications, collaboration contracts, post-doctoral employment, etc.

At the end of each presentation, the jury gives feedback to the candidates, enabling them to improve their skills and oral performance. The prize is a laptop computer and dedicated support, to be won by Hays (in the "professional project" category), CPME and PEPITE-LR (in the "business start-up" category) and SATT AxLR (in the "doctoral student" category).

"The best way to find a job is to be able to create it".

In conjunction with the competition final on Thursday January 26, Pierre Alzingre, start-up and entrepreneurship specialist, and Sonia Braun, chartered accountant, will host a conference on the theme of entrepreneurship, entitled "Business opportunity or commitment to a cause, what is the best motivation for entrepreneurship?" which will raise the question of which motivations can most easily lead to success.

Practical information:

Date : Thursday, January 26, 2023 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Location : Campus Triolet
Registration required
More info
Semi-finals: January 23, 24 and 25, 2023 from 5pm to 7pm / Campus Triolet
Final: Thursday, January 26 from 5pm to 7pm / Campus Triolet
Awards ceremony : Thursday, January 26 at 7:30pm / Campus Triolet