The Civil Engineering department of the IUT de Nîmes will be presenting its brand new interactive training tool "Immersion in a worksite"!

On Thursday July 6, 2023 from 2pm, as part of a new virtual reality training project, the Civil Engineering department of the Nîmes IUT is pleased to invite you to a presentation of its interactive training tool, immersed in a construction site. This innovative project was carried out in partnership with Montpellier-based VisionR Agency.

The project in a nutshell

The Civil Engineering department of the IUT de Nîmes is looking to respond to a number of logistical issues and new teaching practices, using recent and innovative technologies. Improving its training tools, making the building and civil engineering sector more attractive, adapting to new learner demands - these are the objectives of this project to create virtual reality (VR), in partnership with the Montpellier-based company VisionRAgency.

Precise implementation and objectives

Through an exploratory approach in a virtual tour of a building site, the user will evolve in 360º immersion and participate in the proposed interactivities: the aim is to make a professional environment interactive through a VR headset.

Pedagogical objectives:

  • awareness of a professional environment ;
  • augmented visualization of construction processes;
  • real-life exposure to the dangers involved;
  • learning certain construction methods;
  • validation of the learner's knowledge through questioning.

Practical information:

  • Date: July 6, 2023 at 2 p.m.
  • Venue: Civil Engineering Department, Room 111, IUT de Nîmes, 8 rue Jules Raimu, 30900 Nîmes