The European alliance CHARM-EU is opening the last application period for the 2nd edition of this transdisciplinary and international Master degree in sustainable development. This is the first Master's degree to be awarded jointly by five universities, members of the alliance.

What are the opportunities?

This completely new course is resolutely transdisciplinary and is therefore aimed at graduates from all disciplines, from diverse backgrounds, who wish to acquire advanced knowledge in sustainable development in order to tackle real and global societal challenges. Through its unique three-phase pedagogical model, it will enable students to become "managers of complexity" to implement and monitor sustainable development projects in relation to societal challenges on the themes of water, food and health.

A collaboration between 5 prestigious universities

The degree is delivered jointly by the five member universities of the CHARM-EU alliance: theUniversity of Barcelona, Trinity College Dublin, theUniversity of Utrecht, theEötvös Loránd University of Budapest, and the University of Montpellier. The teaching will be carried out by teams of teachers from the five institutions who will pool their skills and expertise to offer the best educational experience to students.

The degree takes place over one and a half years, i.e. three semesters (see details below) and will offer numerous mobility opportunities that will allow students to study in at least three of the partner universities during the course.

1st semester:

A preparatory phase consisting of 3 compulsory modules each delivering 10 ECTS credits (30 ECTS in total): Social Innovation, Sustainable Development and Transdisciplinary Research.

2nd semester:

A flexible phase composed of 3 modules each delivering 10 ECTS (30 ECTS in total). The student will have to choose one of the following courses:

Water (30 ECTS) :

  • Extremes in the water cycle and their complex consequences
  • Adaptation measures and strategies in water management
  • Resilient Cities: Water in urban environments

Life and Health (30 ECTS) :

  • Health systems and policies
  • Health challenges
  • Healthy Lives and Well-Being

Food (30 ECTS) :

  • Link between food, health and environment
  • Food systems and their transformations
  • Socially just and sustainable food systems

3rd semester:

A final year project, consisting of a single module delivering 30 ECTS.
During this phase, students work in collaboration with their peers, academic staff and extra-academic actors (e.g. companies or associations) on a real challenge related to sustainable development based on the student's original disciplinary field.

A unique educational model

The CHARM-EU degree is student-centred and student-driven. Based on authentic problem solving, the programme will offer students the opportunity throughout the course to work with international students and civil society actors on solving concrete societal challenges related to sustainable development.

It also implements an innovative evaluation method based on skills, with individual support from a mentor throughout the course and regular feedback on their results and the means to progress.

Who can apply?

As the course is transdisciplinary, all profiles are welcome. Admissions are open to students holding a Master 1 or a Bachelor + 30 ECTS. Applicants will be asked to prove a C1 level in English at the beginning of the course in September 2022. The CHARM-EU team of the University of Montpellier will help you to obtain the certification. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Exceptionally, students who are citizens of the European Union and who have completed their last year of study in France will benefit from free tuition fees, instead of the standard €3,000 fee.

CHARM-EU offers a scholarship to European citizens from an ethnic minority group or Ukrainian citizens who are refugees under the temporary protection regime. The scholarship covers the registration fee and includes a stipend of €16,000. Applicants should indicate in their application documents that they are applying for this scholarship. Any questions on the subject should be sent by e-mail by clicking here.

Applications are open until 27 June 2022.

Video review of the CHARM-EU diploma launch ceremony