Student-researcher meetings on interdisciplinary Masters in healthcare

The "Student-Researcher Encounters" were organized by the Key Initiative of the I-SITE MUSE (Montpellier University of Excellence) the KIM "Biomarkers & Therapy" in partnership with MUSE's 3 Research Poles: Biology-Health, Chemistry, MIPS (Mathematics, Informatics, Physics, Systems), on September 25, 2020 at the new Faculty of Medicine in Montpellier.

Objective: to organize a morning dedicated to Master's students so that they can discover the University's internal structures and find an interdisciplinary health internship offered by researchers.

The event began with a presentation of the Doctoral Schools, the KIM and the Research Poles, followed by testimonials from thesis students with interdisciplinary backgrounds. It ended with a speed-dating session, where students were able to exchange ideas with researchers proposing interdisciplinary projects in the healthcare field.

The event was a great success, with 200 participants, including 50 researchers and 150 students.

The organizing committee :

  • Brigitte Couette (KIM Biomarkers & Therapy and Pôle de recherche Biologie-Santé)
  • Laure Bourbon (KIM Biomarkers & Therapy and Pôle de recherche Biologie-Santé)
  • Héléa Khaizourane (Chemistry research cluster)
  • Pauline Charriaux (Chemistry research cluster)
  • Mylaine Clement (M.I.P.S. research cluster and I.2.S. doctoral school)

Relive the morning in pictures!