Support for research: I-SITE 2024 program of excellence

As part of the I-SITE Excellence Program, the University is implementing its research support program for 2024.

This program is open to all research structures under the supervision of establishments in the strategic agreement (BRGM - CEA - CIHEAM-IAM - CHU-Montpellier - CHU-Nîmes - CIRAD - CNRS - ENSCM - ICM - IFREMER - INRAE - INRIA - INSERM - Institut Agro Montpellier - IRD - Université de Montpellier) attached to the University of Montpellier's divisions.

It aims to support 4 types of action

  • Acquisition of research equipment with a view to pooling resources
  • Preparing a project for submission to the ERC
  • Support for the prematuration of technologies or know-how with a view to innovation
  • Emerging avenues of exploratory research


Launch of the AAP25/07/2023
Application deadline29/09/2023
Sent to internal and external evaluators16/10/2023
Deadline for returning evaluations17/11/2023
Analysis of files by the Selection Committee07/12/2023
Analysis and validation of files by COMIS12/12/2023
Results announcement13/12/2023
Credit availabilityJanuary 2024

How to submit

Projects from each research structure are submitted exclusively by their director.

Files are submitted in PDF format according to the attached template:

Amount available

Type of actionPotential overall amountMaximum amount of aid per project
Equipment1600 k€200 k€
ERC springboard800 k€100 k€
Innovation Accelerator500 k€80 k€
Exploratory400 k€15 k€
Total3 300 k€ 

Number of projects by research structure

Facility managers are asked to moderate the number of applications submitted according to the following scale:

For the Equipment section: 1 application per research organization, with up to 2 items of equipment prioritized by the organization's director.

For the ERC Springboard, Innovation Accelerator and Exploratory sections, the total number of applications submitted by a research organization depends on its size:

Number of titular EC and C< 3030 ≤ N < 6060 ≤ N < 100100 ≤ N
Total number of files (excluding equipment)1234

Target audience

Post-docs; teacher-researchers, tenured researchers.

This program is open to all research structures under the supervision of institutions in the strategic agreement attached to the Université de Montpellier clusters.