Call for projects "Support for student initiatives CONNECT #4" - I-Site Program of Excellence

As part of the I-SITE Excellence Program, the University of Montpellier is launching a call for projects "Support for student initiatives Connect #4". This call is aimed at all students enrolled in a program at one of the I-SITE institutions. It aims to transform the various campuses into real meeting points and exchanges for all students by opening them up to society and its major issues. Thus, the

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Eloquence in training

How do you practice public speaking when you're in college? At the UM, it's thanks to iTALKS. A training program that goes off the beaten path to allow students to acquire the necessary skills to better disseminate their ideas and to make these sometimes dreaded tests real moments of pleasure.

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The formula for bronze by UM chemists

On 27 March, ten students from the Faculty of Chemistry created a surprise by winning third place in the French Chemists' Tournament. As the only university represented in a competition dominated by the grandes écoles, they were able to perpetuate the tradition of the alchemists by turning their iron will into a bronze medal. "This tournament is a rather closed club between very large schools, but this year we managed to slip in

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