Elisa: "What's the point of starting a business?

In order to answer this seemingly simple, but in reality very complex question, it is important to start by defining what an enterprise is. There are many definitions of an enterprise. But the one we will use here is that an enterprise is an organisation, i.e. women and men who mobilise resources such as premises, tools, machines, knowledge, information or financial resources to produce objects or services

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Debate: The "Great Social Security", myth or reality?

Last November, Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, commissioned a report from the Haut Conseil pour l'avenir de l'Assurance Maladie (High Council for the Future of Health Insurance), whose role is to reflect on "possible changes in health insurance policies", on the relationship between compulsory and complementary health insurance. This report launched the idea of a "Grande Sécu", which would eliminate the part of the reimbursement of care paid by mutual insurance companies in favour of the health insurance fund.

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The breeding ground for conflict

Economist Raphaël Soubeyran, who has studied inequality of access to fertile land as a factor in conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa, proposes a different view of the violence sweeping the African continent.

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