Elisa: "What's the point of starting a business?

In order to answer this seemingly simple, but in reality very complex question, it is important to start by defining what an enterprise is. There are many definitions of an enterprise. But the one we will use here is that an enterprise is an organisation, i.e. women and men who mobilise resources such as premises, tools, machines, knowledge, information or financial resources to produce objects or services

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Sky is the limit

Monitoring the operational status of aircraft pilots thanks to a sensor capable of measuring their brain activity in real time is the promise of the start-up Semaxone. A high-flying project to improve safety and performance in civil and military aviation.

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My small business will weather the crisis

A survey of business leaders reveals that while the health crisis has increased the risk of burn-out, it has paradoxically strengthened psychological traits that are crucial to the health of leaders and their companies. A process conceptualised by Olivier Torrès under the term "salutopreunarial capital" or "decree of the will".

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