Choose your training

Are you a high school student wondering about your future?

The National Education Psychologists (PsyEN) receive you by appointment, in individual interviews to help you in your choice of studies and in the construction of your professional project.

To make an appointment with a counselor or for any questions, contact the SCUIO-IP.

What area of training?

Choosing your field of study is not a decision to be taken lightly. It will define the subjects you will learn every day at the university but also your future profession and skills.

At the University of Montpellier, the training courses are organized around 2 main areas:

  • Science, technology, health
  • Law, economics, management

What course of study?

University courses are now organized into three levels:

  • the L license (bac+3) ;
  • Master M (bac+5);
  • Doctorate D (bac+8).

The LMD (Licence - Master - Doctorat) is a flexible European framework that allows everyone to fulfill their plans, including abroad.

Discover the University of Montpellier

Open Days

Every year, the University of Montpellier organizes the Open House. This event allows you to meet the university's teachers and all the services that work with students.


During the academic year, you can meet the SCUIO-IP information and advice officers at various academic information fairs. During the fairs, the SCUIO-IP team presents the courses of all the training components of the University of Montpellier. Various conferences and round tables on university studies will also be offered.

Future pathway (PA)

The SCUIO-IP regularly participates in information sessions organized in the high schools of the Montpellier Academy. Within the framework of the PDMF, the University of Montpellier welcomes high school students from the 1st and 12th grades who come to attend lectures, practical work and practical work.

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