Secondary school/university liaison operations

Ensuring the transition from high school to university: how, who and for what purpose?

The University of Montpellier has been involved for several years in actions aimed at re-establishing or reinforcing the synergies between secondary and higher education to facilitate this transition. These actions also aim to develop young people's ambition to pursue their studies as early as possible.

Since 2008, actions within the framework of liaison operations have multiplied and diversified according to the audiences concerned.

Some of them are part of an active orientation program, especially for high school students, whose objective is to inform them, accompany them in their choice of orientation and help them to integrate the most suitable courses of study for their career and their project.

Others aim to develop educational projects with younger audiences, primary and secondary school students, to enable them to develop their taste, their interest and their academic ambition.

You can meet us at the various academic information fairs in Perpignan, Mende, Alès, etc.

High school students' operations at the University

In order to promote scientific studies, the University of Montpellier, in partnership with the Rectorat de Montpellier, welcomes throughout the year the students of Première and Terminales scientifiques (general and technological streams) for an "immersion" in the courses on the Triolet campus.

Who is concerned? Orientation is everyone's business!

The first concern is the students. The goal is to accompany them in the construction of their project throughout their career in order to promote a positive orientation and prevent the risk of school and university failure.

The members of the educational community (teachers, COP, CPE, educational assistants, etc.) and the higher education staff (teacher-researchers, mission manager, guidance personnel, etc.) are the first actors in this support for choice. The operations also aim to create a new synergy between the two worlds and to encourage exchanges on practices to best prepare students for higher education.

Finally, the UM students are essential to the actions. Their interventions are very much appreciated by the high school students, both for the testimony of their career, the sharing of their experience as students but also their role as tutors in the context of specific work. These are enriching exchanges for both the students and our students.

In summary

The purpose of liaison operations is to ...

  • to discover university life and training at the University,
  • encourage the emergence of a common teaching culture to best prepare high school students,
  • develop innovative actions to increase the academic ambition of young people as early as possible,
  • enable positive student orientation and increased student success.

Our actions by theme

Information and theme days

Immersion days

The "cordées de la réussite

Accompaniment and reorientation

  • Request for advice and guidance "Active Orientation" for 1st and Terminales from January to March.
  • Rebound" workshop at the Faculty of Science in November.

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