Service Commun de Médecine Préventive et de Promotion de la Santé (Joint Service for Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion)

Provisional director: Pascal DEMOLY

Administrative manager: Emmanuelle HASLER

Missions :

The mission of the Preventive Medicine Service is to ensure the prevention, promotion and education of health for all University students and staff. The service ensures that the personal and collective working conditions necessary for their well-being, success and fulfillment are maintained. Taking a global, personal and environmental approach, the department applies its welcoming and listening skills, as well as its diagnostic and assessment skills, to better advise and guide students and staff.

Student Preventive Medicine Department

This center gives students access to :

  • medical check-ups to assess health and prevent disease
  • medical examinations to diagnose and assess disability, and recommend adjustments to studies and exams/competitions, depending on the course of study and how knowledge is tested
  • vaccination follow-up (compulsory for students in health-related or high-risk fields)
  • issuing emergency contraception

Personnel Preventive Medicine Department

This department provides all agents with :

  • medical check-ups to assess health status and monitor work-related medical conditions
  • visits to assess workplaces, workstations, working conditions and risks, and to recommend any adjustments required
  • vaccination follow-up

Specialized Consultations and Prevention Activities

This center gives students and staff access to :

  • clinical psychology consultations and psychological care
  • specialized prevention consultations (addictology, tobaccology, dietetics)

In cooperation with the Student Life Offices, it also organizes collective actions and workshops on health education, risk prevention and health promotion, as close as possible to where students live and study.

He also coordinates a team of 8 Health Relay Students (ERS) whose mission is to pass on health messages to their peers through on-site actions.

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