Purchasing at the University

Our purchasing policy

As a public institution, the University is subject to the Public Order Code. Its purchases fall within the legal framework of public procurement and respect the 3 fundamental principles of public procurement:

  • the freedom of access of companies to public procurement ;
  • equal treatment of candidates;
  • full transparency of purchasing procedures.

The University's purchasing policy also aims at a more efficient purchasing which is based on the following objectives

  • ensure better control of public funds by rationalizing and pooling needs;
  • promote the integration of people who are farthest from employment or people with disabilities;
  • preserve the environment;
  • participate in the diffusion of innovation ;
  • to allow small and medium-sized enterprises access to public procurement.

Where to find our public contracts?

Above 40 000 € HT, all our procedures are advertised on the following media

  • our buyer profile: Achapublic. com;
    Achatpublic allows companies to consult and respond to consultations from the University. The platform allows you to set up personalized alerts to be informed at regular intervals of the publication of public contracts according to the criteria entered when the alert is created.
  • a Journal d'Annonces Légales or the BOAMP ;
  • the Official Journal of the European Union for formalized procedures.

Our purchasing areas

In order to fulfill its public service missions, the University purchases various supplies, services and works.
It has more than a hundred so-called transversal contracts that cover the most common needs, which are renewed regularly. They cover both general supplies and services (printing materials, periodicals, computer and audiovisual equipment, software, office supplies, etc.) and, for research, numerous scientific materials and consumables, laboratory products and gases, etc.

Publication of personal data

For purchases between €25,000 and €40,000 excluding VAT, the University is obliged to publish certain essential data: here they are for the year 2021.
For purchases of more than €40,000 excluding VAT, the essential data are published on the University's purchasing profile.

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