Preserving and nourishing the planet - Large-format living organisms

  • Category: Exhibition
  • Dates : June 25 to July 25, 2024
  • Timetable: From 12 noon
  • Location: Jardin des Plantes - Boulevard Henri IV - Montpellier

Exhibition open to visitors during Jardin des Plantes opening hours (closed on Mondays).

To mark its 40th anniversary, CIRAD is offering an exploratory journey to the heart of living organisms and their ability to feed our planet.

From genes to agrosystems, from the environment to the sustainable development of societies in the South, discover the diversity of the research carried out by CIRAD and its partners. Research to preserve biodiversity, plant and animal health, and more sustainable and resilient farming and food systems!

This exhibition celebrates 40 years of original, useful inter- and trans-disciplinary research into change through action, rooted in the territories of tropical and Mediterranean countries and carried out in cooperation with a wide range of partners.

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