Knowing how to be persuasive and present the best of one's professional project in a short period of time is the objective of the "5 minutes to convince" competition created by the SCUIO-IP's professional integration assistance office to improve the professional integration of students. Explanation with the creator of this competition, Cédric Bizaud.

There was some verve in the air on Thursday 27 January on the Triolet campus for the final of the " 5 minutes to convince " competition, in which three winners were chosen. The aim was to " reward the best presentation of a professional project in front of a jury from the socio-economic world and higher education ", explains Cédric Bizaud, who initiated the project. He came up with the idea for this competition when he took up his post as head of the SCUIO-IP's professional integration assistance office.

" In their future professional life, students will often be confronted with situations where they only have a few minutes to present themselves and their project. How can they be at ease in these stressful but decisive situations? How to make sure that they are chosen and not someone else? To help them take up this challenge, which will contribute to improving their professional integration, Cédric Bizaud " was inspired by what is done in North America" and created the " 5 minutes to convince " competition, the first edition of which took place in 2012.


Open to all students of the University of Montpellier preparing a national diploma (DUT, licence, master, doctorate...), the competition is divided into three categories A, B and C. " The first is the presentation of a professional project as part of an application such as a search for an internship or a job; the second concerns a professional project as part of the creation of a company; and the third category is reserved for doctoral students," explains Cédric Bizaud.

And SCUIO-IP is doing everything possible to ensure that the candidates are ready on D-day, in particular with a preparation workshop for the competition on the theme " Dare to pitch ". " Led by a communications professional, this training course offers them the opportunity to discover the fundamentals of oral preparation and a methodology for preparing and presenting an invigorating, effective and convincing pitch," explains Cédric Bizaud.

This year, out of the 88 candidates who submitted an application, 33 students from all the training components were auditioned by a jury of teacher-researchers and professionals. During the 5 precious minutes during which the candidates will be evaluated on the one hand on the form - oral expression, conviction, strength of persuasion - but also on the substance - approach, business plan, valorisation of skills...

100% winners

The prize is a laptop for the winner of each category, but also - and above all - specific support for their project. For category A, it is a 3-month support for the definition of the project and the professional research, based on an assessment by the Hays Occitanie firm. In category B, support for business creation by PEPITE-LR, and finally for category C doctoral students, support for "business creation" with the SATT AxLR or support by a coach for a period of 6 months at the rate of a meeting of 2 to 3 hours per month.

Although only three winners were honoured, all the participants were winners: " each participant received personal feedback from the jury members who drew their attention to their strong points or areas for improvement ". So there were 33 winners who took part in this 11th edition. " Moreover, we have since noticed that the initiative has spread to other establishments," laughs Cédric Bizaud. An event made in UM, often copied, but never equalled.

And the winner is...

The three winners of the 2022 edition of the "5 minutes to convince" competition are

In category A, Maureen Brévier, a student in Master 1 MEEF Biotechnologies option Biochemical engineering at the Faculty of Sciences of Montpellier and the Faculty of Education of Montpellier, who with her project entitled "From military forensic scientist to teacher - How did my need to help others evolve over time?

In category B, Eddy Regazzoni, a DUT student in Computer Science at the IUT Montpellier-Sète, with his project "DressCode, let the magic make you shine", wants to create a mobile application that uses a series of parameters such as the weather, the user's wardrobe, the day's schedule, preferences and dress codes to suggest a choice of suitable outfits.

In category C, Carole Barou, a PhD student in Materials Chemistry at the European Membrane Institute, with her project entitled "Un objectif? Contribute to innovation in biotechnologies", which aims to develop and characterise a material in order to obtain an industrial prototype of a mineral cement for application in orthopaedics.