A l'UM la science [S03-ep20] : Coopetition or competition for green innovation?

This week in A l'UM la science, Camille Bildstein and Frédéric Leroy from Montpellier research in management, founders of the Coo-innov chair, talk to us about green innovation. In the report, Olivier Ravel introduces us to the Mésocosme platform at the Ecotron. Broadcast on Divergence-FM 93.9.

It's no longer news that every year the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) warns of the challenges posed by climate disruption and the need to take action to control it. More and more countries are committing to carbon neutrality by 2050, including France. While all good will is welcome to achieve this goal, nothing will be done without the participation of businesses and the invention of new models. Manufacturing, sales and consumption models. In short, a break with the past.   

Innovating to be more virtuous, more economical, greener - yes, but with whom and how? Because innovation is expensive, it represents a risk. Should we take this risk alone, or join forces, and if so, with whom?

The Coo-innov Chair at the University of Montpellier Foundation sets out to answer all these questions in its latest report, entitled Collaborating to meet the challenges of green innovation. To do so, they took a close look at the innovation strategies of 4 companies in 4 key green innovation sectors: textiles, energy, agrifood and aeronautics.

Camille Bildstein, in charge of development for the Coo-Innov chair, and Frédéric Leroy, researcher at Montpellier Research in Management and director of the chair, talk to us about this.  

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In the second half of the program, we return to theEcotron to discover a new Mesocosme platform. Olivier Ravel, the Ecotron's Technical Director, presents the platform's 18 identical, independent experimental units, which can be used to measure a wide range of environmental scenarios, to simulate future climates, but also to reconstruct past climates.

Finally, we welcome Agnès Pesenti, as the Science Bar is already back, and this time the theme of the conference is part of Brain Week.

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