Call for 2024 projects to organize scientific events - WAVE 2

The University of Montpellier, through the Pôle de Research Chimie, grants exceptional subsidies to support scientific events organized by its research structures between July 1, 2024 and January 31, 2025, in Occitanie when they take place in person or by videoconference.

Submission deadline: March 17, 2024

Applicants should contact their respective Pôles de Research to complete the application form and forward it to the director of the research structure.

Exceptional grants of up to €3,000 may be awarded.

Target audience: event organized by a teacher-researcher, researcher or research engineer who is a member of a research structure accredited by the UM.

Call for entries

Application deadline: March 17, 2024


This call for applications is the successor to the University of Montpellier's (UM) "Exceptional endowment for the organization of scientific events" campaign, previously managed by the DRED. This call is now coordinated by each Pôle de Research. Subject to approval of the 2024 budget by the UM Board of Directors, the Research Chemistry Cluster will have approximately 5 k€ available in 2024, to provide financial support for scientific events organized by members of the Chemistry Cluster.

There will be two calls for applications: one in the autumn of 2023, and one in the spring of 2024 (this call), regardless of the date on which the event is organized, in the knowledge that applications cannot be made retroactively.

Application & selection procedures

  • Applicants complete the application form and send it to the director of their research organization for signature.
  • The directors of the research structures will forward the dossiers by e-mail before March 17, 2024.
  • Each application will constitute a single pdf file entitled: "Acronym Laboratory_name of applicant".

Applications will first be examined by the Pôle de Research Chimie management board, then forwarded to the Pôle Council for approval. The results will be communicated to the applicants. Funding is allocated after deliberation by the Chemistry Cluster Council and the UM's Research Commission, and must be used before the financial close in December 2024. No carry-over of funds will be possible.

Amount of financing

Funding may not exceed €3,000 per application.

Eligibility criteria

Event organized between July 1, 2024 and January 31, 2025.

  • Event organized by a teacher-researcher, researcher or research engineer, member of a research organization attached to the Research Chemistry cluster.
  • Event taking place in Occitanie, in person or by videoconference.
  • Invite speakers of regional, national or international renown.
  • Reduced registration and participation fees for Masters and PhD students, where applicable.
  • Reporting on the use of funds for projects financed in previous campaigns.

Eligible expenses :

  • Contribution to the logistical organization of the event.
  • Invitation to nationally and internationally renowned speakers.
  • Reduced tuition fees for master's and doctoral students.

The following are not eligible:

  • Laboratory seminars, themed training courses or schools.
  • Applications that have already been funded in the 1st call are not concerned.

Selection criteria

  • The impact and scale of the scientific event.
  • The number of participants and the duration of the event.
  • The scientific themes addressed must be related to one of the Chemistry Cluster's research areas.

Everyone's attention is drawn to the need to promote parity in the organizing committee and guest speakers in terms of national representation in the field concerned (indicators are available from page 39 of the MESRI document). > Higher education and research: towards gender equality?

Carrier commitment

  • The Pôle de Research Chimie and Université de Montpellier logos will appear on all documents relating to the event.
  • No later than 2 months after the event, send an e-mail to the Pôle Chimie with a financial statement and a short report based on the template sent with the notification letter. This report is compulsory and may be used in UM's communications materials.
  • Be eco-responsible and limit the use of promotional items.
  • In organizing the conference, respect the values and principles of scientific integrity set out in the national charter of ethics and research professions and the UM's scientific integrity charter.
  • In publishing the proceedings of the event and, where applicable, any journal extensions, comply with the provisions of open science and the Law for a Digital Republic (open access publication). If authorized by the publisher, the sponsor will deposit the full text of the conference proceedings in the HAL-UM open archive. If the publisher does not allow this, the sponsor will ask the authors of the UM subcontracting laboratory(ies) to deposit the full text of their papers in HAL-UM.
  • Ensure that organizers and participants comply with health regulations in force at the time of the event.

2nd call calendar

  • Deadline: March 17, 2024
  • Results: June 2024