Art, culture, scientific heritage: what not to miss...

From medieval manuscripts to contemporary creations, the UM is taking the arts, culture and heritage to new heights. Follow the guide!

The art of knowledge: medieval manuscripts from Clairvaux to Montpellier

Credits: Raphaël Cabon

L'art du savoir: manuscrits médiévaux de Clairvaux à Montpellier", the Faculty of Medicine's flagship autumn exhibition, runs from September 19 to October 31. The exhibition invites visitors to relive the journey of the 72 medieval manuscripts from the famous abbey that have found a home in the Faculty's documentary collections. It's a plunge into the long history of a unique library, with over one hundred thousand volumes, some of which date back to the Carolingian era.
University Library of the Faculty of Medicine - September 19 to October 31 - Free admission Tuesday to Saturday 1pm-5.30pm - Guided tours by appointment.
Illumination workshops on September 30, October 7 and 21 (3pm, Faculty of Medicine, Salle Bonaventure) free of charge, registration required
Contact: 04 34 43 35 80 - e-mail


Change of era and setting with the Chimaera exhibition by the contemporary art collective Microclimax at the Faculty of Education. Sétois artists Carolyn Wittendal and Benjamin Jacquemet, who were in residence at the UM last year, will present the fruits of their labors, which have given rise to hybrid works at the crossroads of the scientific world and the poetic imagination.
Faculty of Education exhibition hall (Philippidès streetcar stop, line 1) - October1 to November 6

Anatomy of the automaton

Organized in partnership with La Panacée, Anatomie de l'automate examines the relationship between the human body and the machine, a question at the heart of the new challenges facing medicine. It's an opportunity to take a closer look at the robots from the Montpellier Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics and Microelectronics (LIRMM), who are foreshadowing the medicine of tomorrow.
La Panacée - November 21 to February 28 - Wednesday to Saturday 12pm-8pm and Sunday 10am-6pm - - e-mail

Atome Hotel

At the end of the 19th century, Dmitri Mendeleïev wrote his name into the history of science by developing a periodic classification of the various known chemical elements. The web-documentary Atom Hotel offers a fascinating immersion in the discovery of these elements that govern life on earth and the universe around us. Documentaries, scientific information, quotes from "atomic" literature, sound bites... Take a tour of each room in this virtual hotel, and find out all about the 114 elements identified to date... Website

Light and shadow

From December 15 to 20, the BU of the Faculty of Sciences (Triolet campus) will be exhibiting the photographic productions of members of the Montpellier Geosciences laboratory. Named L'ombre et la lumière (Shadows and Light), echoing 2015, which has been designated the "Year of Light" in France, the exhibition will showcase the artistic works produced by these scientists as part of their research activities.
Faculty of Science BU (Triolet campus) - December 15 to 20

And also...

The University of Montpellier boasts an outstanding historical heritage and permanent collections: the Atger Museum and Anatomy Conservatory in the Faculty of Medicine, the Pharmacy Museum and Druggist in the Faculty of Pharmacy, as well as the oldest plant garden in France, founded in 1593...