[Liftoff #1] Winning a European call for projects

Valérie Guillard, a researcher at the IATE laboratory, is coordinator of the Glopack research project on sustainable food packaging, winner of a European Horizon 2020 call for projects. This month, she presents her success story as part of the " Décollage " video series organized by the University of Montpellier's Department of Innovation and Partnerships (DIPA).

Glopack, the project that swept Europe off its feet

Glopack's objective was to develop active, intelligent, biosourced and biodegradable packaging as an alternative to conventional plastics. " A project born in 2016 from an idea and a European call for tenders issued at the time, with all the keywords specific to our research activities ," explains Valérie Guillard, a researcher at the UMR Ingénierie des agropolymères et technologies émergentes and coordinator of this project bringing together 16 European academic and private partners.

To respond to this call for tenders, from which she won, the researcher called on the support of DIPA. Completed last November, the success of the Glopack project can be summed up in two figures: three innovations in sustainable food packaging and a first commercial application.

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