At the University of Montpellier, the International Women's Rights Day lasts one month, from March 1st to 31st! The 6th edition of the event "Donner des Elles à l'UM" offers you a film, a documentary/debate, a photo exhibition, music, an online game and a selection of documents at the BU...

For its 2022 edition, "Donner des elles à l'UM" is offering you the opportunity to work together to advance gender equality, through a programme focused this year on gender equality in the workplace and on what feminism has done to men (or not...).

Because equality is built with and not against, men will be very present:

  • around a documentary and a debate that question the impact of feminism on their lives;
  • with those who work or study in "gendered" professions or fields and who, together with women, have lent themselves to the game of a photo exhibition, light in its presentation but profound in its meaning;
  • and not forgetting, as an echo, an astronaut, a DJette and authors who, in film, music and books, invite us to emotion or analysis.

Women's Month agenda

Photo exhibition "Flou.e

Within the UFR, Schools and Institutes of the UM. By the photographer and visual artist Cahuate Milk.

Movie night: "Proxima

Film by Alice Winocour (2019). Maison des étudiants Aimé Schoenig - Richter site - Montpellier.

DJ SET #BalanceYourBody

With Vanessa Lextreyt, DJette. Terrasse de l'(S)pace - Campus Triolet - Montpellier.