Study and undertake: the other way to see your future

To study and carry out an entrepreneurial project, there is the Student-Entrepreneur Status! Are you a bachelor, student or recent graduate who wants to create or take over a company while studying? The student-entrepreneur status allows you to benefit from many facilities.

Who is this status for?

Students and graduates from the baccalaureate onwards and without age limit.

Why ask for this status, a real project gas pedal?

This status offers the possibility to the Student-Entrepreneurs to work on their business creation project.
This status makes it possible to substitute the compulsory internship of the initial training with the agreement of the pedagogical director.
Thus, the Student-Entrepreneur has time to devote fully to his project and integrates the regional network PEPITE-LR.

This status gives access to courses, workshops, the Montpellier French Tech coworking space, numerous partnerships and a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is also possible to apply for the Student-Entrepreneur Diploma (D2E).

A national platform to apply for the Student-Entrepreneur status!

Students who wish to apply for the national Student-Entrepreneur status can now do so on a national platform common to the 30 PEPITE centers in France.

In 6 steps, the candidate presents his background and his project. His application is directly sent to the PEPITE selected by the student.

The PEPITE-LR Commitment Committee meets twice a year to examine these applications: once at the beginning of the academic year and once at the beginning of the calendar year.

The next selection committees will be held on September 29 (application deadline: Sept. 20) and October 15 (application deadline: Oct. 4). To know more

A national application platform:

NESS Information Webinars

Because it is complicated to hold face-to-face meetings to promote the Student Entrepreneur Status, informational webinars are planned for September 2, 10, 14, 22, and 30, 2020.

These sessions will be led by the PEPITE team. Participants will be able to ask any questions they may have about the SNEE, D2E and Starter. To know more about it

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