ExposUM Doctoral Nexus: 2024 thesis topics open for applications

What is ExposUM Doctoral Nexus?

The Doctoral Nexus proposed by the Institut ExposUM are networks of 3 to 4 PhD students from different disciplines, affiliated to at least two different research units.

Compared with a traditional thesis, taking part in a Doctoral Nexus will foster the ability to work in a team and design projects in a transdisciplinary way, while deepening your own field of expertise.

A specific pedagogical program will be offered, and doctoral students will also have the opportunity to organize a seminar within the Nexus network.

Theses are funded from the outset for 4 years, including the doctoral student's salary and an environmental allowance.

On the following page, you'll find the ExposUM Doctoral Nexus projects awarded in the AAP Doctoral Nexus 2024.

How to apply?

The specific application procedure is described in the thesis topics. Interested candidates are invited to submit their application before April 21, 8 pm.

Thesis topics open for application:

EMIPSA Nexus "Epidemiology and evolution of infectious diseases in age-structured populations".

Nexus SECS "Society & Social Environment in the Face of Suicidal Behaviors)".

Nexus PYPHAS " A global characterization of PFAS activity and elimination in drinking water".

  • Topic 1 "Coupling nanofiltration and highly effective and stable membranes for electrooxidation of persistent pollutants in water"
    PYPHAStopic 1 Mendret EN
  • Topic 2 "Understanding of mechanisms and pathways of PFAS degradation by electro-oxidation in drinking water"
    PYPHAStopic 2 Cretin EN
  • Topic 3 "Effect of PFAS on intestinal tumorigenesis"
    PYPHAStopic 3 Cavailles EN

Nexus EXPAIR "Development of innovative sensors for measuring EXPosure to pollutants in AIR to unravel cardiorespiratory effects."

  • Topic 1 "Development of photoacoustic sensors to assess pollutant environment and exhaled breath pollutant exposure"
    EXPAIR topic 1 Vicet EN
  • Topic 2 "Impact of the internal exposome assessed via exhaled air analysis on the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems during chronic exposure to emerging pollutants."
    EXPAIR topic 2 Gouzi EN
  • Topic 3 "Impact of external exposome focusing on air pollutants on cardiorespiratory health under real-life conditions"
    EXPAIR topic 3 Kase Tanno EN

Nexus COCKTAIL "Development of an advanced airway\u0002on-a-chip model to study the effects of a cocktail of pollutants and respiratory viruses on lung tissue"

  • Topic 1 "Using an advanced 'airway on a chip' model for studying the effects of exposome on lung tissue"
    COCKTAIL topic 1 De Vos EN
  • Topic 2 "Development of original biophysical tools to evaluate the combined effect of pollutants and viruses on model lung tissue"
    COCKTAIL topic 2 Massiera EN
  • Topic 3 "Studying respiratory virus infections of bronchial airway epithelium models exposed to pollutants"
    COCKTAIL topic 3 Muriaux EN