Impressive AMADOR collections

Since September 2014, the University of Montpellier has been home to the prestigious AMADOR collections, transferred from the museums of Paris-V Descartes University. A new lease of life for anatomy pieces that had not been shown to the public for almost 10 years.
7500 pieces will enrich a Conservatory that already includes 5700, to form one of the most remarkable ensembles in Europe. A first exhibition this winter unveils some of the treasures of these collections.

Gorillas, Venus and surrealism...

A mouth-watering foretaste: gorillas, Venus and skeletons form an astonishing bestiary that brings to life the golden age of anatomy. Among the most remarkable pieces, an 18th-century naturalized sign by Fragonard, or the waxworks of fairground artist Pierre Spitzner, which inspired surrealists such as painter Paul Delvaux...

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