JANE rainy but JANE happy!

The JANE, for Journées d'accueil des nouveaux étudiants, originally scheduled for September 21 and 22 at the Jardin des plantes, was finally cut by one day due to the weather. But that didn't stop new students from coming to the event to pick up some useful tips. Here's a look back at this annual gathering of student associations, university management and cultural partners, with UM student vice-president Amal Qobaa.

No one dared to believe it on that grey Thursday morning, but the Jane, for Journées d'accueil des nouveaux étudiants, was indeed held at the Jardin des plantes on September 22. Although the first of the two days had to be cancelled due to rain, this shorter version was nonetheless a success, thanks to the many stands set up in the Jardin's aisles. " People often tend to reduce student integration to the activities of the Bureau de la vie étudiante (BVE) or student associations. In reality, university life is much broader, encompassing the activities of the central departments and numerous cultural and social partners. This day gives students an overview of all their potential contacts," explains Amal Qobaa, student vice-president at the University of Montpellier.

Every year, this truly collective mobilization contributes to greater success and a better quality of life for students at university. " We often see them hesitate in front of the stands, a little embarrassed. But when you've just arrived somewhere, there's no such thing as a stupid question - it's normal not to know," observes the young vice-president. You have to be daring and take advantage of this unique opportunity to get information and answers to all your questions. What's more, it's a really fun atmosphere and a unique venue! To relive the day, we invite you to take a look back in photos at the three stand villages and Amal Qobaa's comments.

Feeling like a student at the UM

" As soon as you enter, the goodies come into play. These items are a way for students to show their pride in belonging to the University of Montpellier, and this sense of belonging is important for feeling good about their studies."

The village of departments and services

Amal Qooba: " Around ten university departments and departments are present at the Jane every year. By meeting students directly, they can inform them about the services or workshops they offer throughout the year, such as stress management or linocut workshops. They can also explain their missions within the school, as well as acronyms such as DVC (Direction Vie des Campus), or SFC (Service de la Formation Continue), which students can then find in their guidebook. "

Student associations to suit all tastes

Amal Qobaa: " The Jane is an opportunity for student associations on campus to present their activities, explain what it means to be a member of an association at the University of Montpellier and, of course, recruit new members."

Culture on every floor

Amal Qobaa: " This village brings together all our cultural partners such as theaters, museums, cinemas, the various schemes dedicated to young people, whether from the city, the Region or the Crous... This section aims to present all the services available to students as well as cultural venues, as many are new to Montpellier."