In order to combine studies and health, the Montpellier University Health Centre responds to all the needs of students and accompanies them in their health care. to all the needs of students and accompanies them in their health care journey. Meet the CSU team, whose services are more than ever at your disposal.

Medical and psychological support coupled with a pleasant welcome and an attentive ear is what the University Health Centre offers to students in Montpellier. We are a medical centre for students," explains Olivier Jonquet, the director of the CSU. For all students," says the doctor who is concerned about the health of these young people. Because here, it doesn't matter if you are at university, in a BTS, in a public or public school, as long as you have a student card, you are welcome. " The CSU is an inter-institutional service, we offer care and a health pathway adapted to theneeds of Montpellier students ", adds Stéphanie Gally, the centre's administrative manager.

This care is provided by a team of 14 people, " 10 UM agents and 4 CHU agents, for a total of 6.8 full-time equivalents," explains Stéphanie Gally. Composed of general practitioners, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and physiotherapists, the medical and paramedical team is assisted by a valuable medico-administrative support unit that helps young people who are sometimes lost in the administrative maze and assists them in registering for social security or accessing additional health care benefits. A crack team that meets a high demand: " 2,900 medical consultations and 850 paramedical consultations for the 2019-2020 academic year alone ", explains the administrative manager.

Comprehensive medical care

It must be said that the CSU has everything to please. With their student card and theirsocial security and mutual insurance certificates, patients don'thaveto pay anythingthanks to the full third-party payment system," explains Olivier Jonquet.What's more, theyreceivean appointment within 48 hours of their request. This is a fast service that is particularly well suited to students' often modest wallets.

Whether they need a vaccine, a medical certificate, a small suture, a prescription, a screening, or even yoga or meditation sessions, students can come to the CSU, which will welcome them in its four medical offices, two of which are accessible to people with reduced mobility. "And whennecessary, we refer them to a specialist at the university hospital, who willseethemwithinavery shorttime," adds Olivier Jonquet.

Speed and convenience are important assets for Dr Abel Perraudin, who provides general medicine and gynaecology consultations: " 40% of medical consultations concern gynaecology and more than two-thirds of our patients are female students. When you see how longit takesto get an appointment with a gynaecologist in the private sector, it'simportant to know thathere they will see a doctor quickly and at a lower cost, given that the average price of a gynaecological consultation elsewhere is 50 euros. He added: "We can prescribe contraception andeven perform medically induced abortions.

Psychiatric and psychological support

The University Health Centre also provides psychological and psychiatric support, in collaboration with Professor Philippe Courtet and the University Hospital. These services are in great demand at a time when the pandemic is having a major impact on students. " They are sometimes far from their base, weakened,deprived of their usual jobs, we notice a real student malaise which is felt in our consultations ", Stéphanie Gally worries. " The demand for psychological follow-up has doubled,andwe now have a 10 to 15 daywaiting period to see a psychologist at the CSU," adds Olivier Jonquet. This is despite the hiring of an additional psychologist.

To meet these growing needs, the CSU wants to further strengthen mental health care by increasing the time of clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, as well as the number of slots for stress and anxiety management workshops. " We also want to create aUniversity Psychological Support Officeor BAPU," explains Olivier Jonquet. A consultation centre open to all students who wish to receive psychological help and who will find at their disposal a team composed of psychotherapists - psychiatrists and psychologists - social workers and an administrative service. " The number of sessions will not be limited and follow-up will be provided as long as the student feels the need," reassures Stéphanie Gally.

In the meantime, the doors of the CSU are wide open to them, and students can be sure that they will receive prompt and competent care. And as a bonus, a smiling welcome and good humour are always present.

  • In practice :

    The CSU welcomes students by appointment from Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm and from 3pm to 6.30pm. Go to 8 rue de l'école normale (opposite the FDE, in the former premises of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie) with a student card, carte vitale and complementary health insurance card.

    Tel: 04 11 28 19 79

5 years at the service of student health

The University Care Centre was created in September 2016, at that time supported by the Comue Languedoc-Roussillon. Since1 January 2020, the CSU has been administratively attached to the University of Montpellier on behalf of the site policy. Since September 2018, it has been installed in dedicated and fully renovated premises at 8 rue de l'école normale in Montpellier.

The CSU complements the services offered to students by the Common Service for Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion (SCMPPS).