A l'UM la science [S02-ep07]: Consumer profiles, legal history library and Courstache

This week in A l'UM la science Andrea Gourmelen from the Montpellier research in management laboratory explains what kind of consumer we are. In the second half of the program, doctoral student Alexis Verhassel introduces us to the law library. Finally, Catherine Alix Panabière tells us about the Courstache. A University of Montpellier, Divergence FM co-production.

And this week we're hurrying, because to tell you the truth, we're running late! We haven't prepared a thing for tonight's Divergence aperitif, so we're taking you shopping with us.
Let's go! We'll start with the potato chips...
- Oh no, sorry, Lucie, potato chips are disgusting! They're full of salt and hello cardiovascular disease... I don't want to have a heart attack when I'm 50!
- Ok, so we'll have them with 25% less salt?
- No, that's just marketing! We'll have cherry tomatoes.
- Cherry tomatoes in November? But that's not the season at all, Aline, and Spanish greenhouse tomatoes are fine, thank you very much...
- OK! We can have a little charcuterie then... The pork terrine looks really good, and it's organic too...
- Oh no! Organic or not, pigs go through the same slaughterhouses, there's no way I'm eating that, and I'm not even talking about cancer! Almonds? Almonds are great for your health...
- What about the drought in California, Lucie? The megafires, the koalas in Australia! How about some sushi?
- Fish is full of lead, and since, unfortunately for Divergence's accounts, lead doesn't turn to gold, except for sushi vendors, we'll let it go...
- How about some red wine?
- And some beer...?!

As you can imagine, today we're talking about consumption, and more specifically, food consumption. According to specialists, there are three main criteria for understanding the complex processes that guide people's food preferences and choices:
- the properties of the product;
- the consumer's beliefs and knowledge;
- the consumption context.

Our guest is Andrea Gourmelen. She is a marketing researcher at the MRM Montpellier research in management laboratory, and is interested in how consumers take into account the consequences of their food. She has drawn up a typology of consumers. The results of her study, conducted with a researcher from Grenoble, were published in the magazine Décisions Marketing. They were also published for the general public in The Conversation on November 3.

In the second half of the show, we take you to the Faculty of Law and Political Science, where Alexis Verhassel introduces us to his thesis field: the law history library.

Finally, our last-minute guest will be Catherine Alix Panabière, a doctor at the CHU and director of the Rare Human Circulating Cells research team. She will talk to us about Courstache.

At UM la science you've got the program, here we go!

Coproduction: Divergence FM / Université de Montpellier
Lucie Lecherbonnier
Aline Périault / Lucie Lecherbonnier
Reporting and editing:
Lucie Lecherbonnier
Production : Adeline Floc'h

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