The University of Montpellier would like to express its sorrow and solidarity with the victims of the murderous attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis on Friday night, and their families.
In the face of the indiscriminate violence unleashed this weekend, we must maintain our composure, calm and dignity in these days of national mourning. While feelings of fear, pain and dread overwhelm us today, it is important that our university community rallies around its foundations of knowledge, learning, thought and democracy.

In these dark hours, we must continue to defend the universal values of liberty, equality and fraternity, the values on which our Republic is founded, values which have a particularly strong meaning.

The UM is saddened to announce the loss of one of its students from the Faculty of Science. In homage to this young man, taken by this senseless barbarity, and to all the victims of this tragic night, the UM has invited all its employees and students to gather for a moment of meditation on Monday November 16 at noon in its UFRs, Schools, Institutes and services. We share the memory and grief of the families bereaved by this unspeakable act.