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"From time immemorial, artists have imposed self-imposed constraints to stimulate their creativity. None of them expected the involuntary and implacable constraints imposed by COVID. Hit hard, but not struck by lightning, artists have been obliged to develop new paths and a wealth of ingenuity, so that, in spite of everything, that essential good, culture, lives on. The UM, as elsewhere, has been able to cope. Remote artistic practice workshops and the continuation of artist residencies in a modified form have ensured that the link has not been broken. Art and culture have not been extinguished, and we hope they will continue to question and enchant us from the start of the new school year.

"Tomorrow is now an exercise in imagination", said Tiago Rodrigues, future director of the Avignon Festival, at the start of the pandemic. Eighteen months on, we all know something about this, and in partnership with the artists we welcome to our midst, let's continue, with ardor and imagination, to invent it.

Philippe Augé
President of the University
Agnès Fichard-Carroll
Vice-President, Corporate Social Responsibility

The department offers students and staff the chance to experience contemporary art and culture within the university and beyond. The program is developed in close collaboration with various members of the university community and local cultural organizations, and is regularly open to the general public, opening up campuses to the city.

Hosting artists, particularly through residencies, places artistic creation at the heart of the university's cultural life. It is also punctuated by a range of workshops designed to encourage students and staff to develop their artistic skills.

It also supports individual and collective initiatives by students, staff, university associations, components and laboratories.

The actions of the art & culture department are supported by DRAC Occitanie.

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