Community life

Meet new people, get involved in a cause or enjoy a cultural activity

Over 140 associations are on hand to welcome you. Their fields of activity are many and varied: humanitarian commitment, sport, culture, etc.

Joining a university association is a way of integrating yourself into the university and meeting students from different disciplines at different stages of their studies. It means discovering new horizons, the world around you and yourself. Synonymous with fulfillment in student life, associative involvement also contributes to academic success.

If you too would like to get involved and become a player in your university, don't hesitate to join one of the University of Montpellier's associations.

Festive and integration events

To remind students and associations of the rules of good behavior and guarantee a responsible festive life, the university provides a number of tools.

Association pledge charters, advice, contacts, hazing awareness :

Hazing is an offence which consists in causing a person to undergo or commit humiliating or degrading acts. It is punishable by 6 months' imprisonment and a €7,500 fine. Witnesses or victims of hazing: contact us (testimonials and requests treated in the strictest confidence). Event organizers: contact the student life department.

Creating your association

The law of July 1, 1901 provides a legal framework. To set up your association, you'll need to go through a number of steps, including drafting your articles of association.

Find out more about how to get started:

Steps your association can take

Student association officers must complete, update and provide certain documents, known as the "dossier unique".

Obtain financial assistance for a project within your association:

Request a room reservation (for student organizations elected to central councils) :

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