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    Three times a year, Lum invites you to meet its researchers, teachers and students, all of whom are involved in a world under construction, the elementary particle of which is knowledge. To follow them in their quest for solutions to serve mankind or to care for the planet is to shed light on the complex issues that weave our world. We will see them producing or disseminating knowledge, generating innovation, and fostering civic action: in short, contributing every day to making the university a full-fledged player in society. A player that you will discover in the following pages, perhaps in a new light.


    The logo of the University of Montpellier is inspired by the emblem of the Guilhem dynasty, founders of the city of Montpellier. In 1181, Guilhem VIII granted the city a right that changed its destiny: the freedom to teach medicine. From then on, university teaching was created and scientific and economic life developed around the university.

    guilhemImage1LOGO UMThe logo of the University of Montpellier is based on the heritage of this founding dynasty. It symbolises the shared history and heritage of which the entire university community is heir. Its shape, evoking a seal or a revisited emblem, underlines the historical roots of an eight-century-old university as much as its modernity (crenellated exterior).

    The interior elements illustrate interdisciplinarity and influence. Finally, the red colour is intended to appeal to students, so that they can more easily appropriate the new "University of Montpellier" label.

    Graphic charter

    The University of Montpellier's graphic charter lays the foundations of the institution's graphic universe and identifies a certain number of standards to be respected to guarantee its integrity (rules for using the logo, typographic codes, etc.)

    The aim of the graphic charter is to guarantee the visual consistency of the University of Montpellier. It must allow its various interlocutors and the general public to easily identify the institution.

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    The University of Montpellier makes available to a large number of people photos representative of its heritage and activities. The photo library is managed by the Communication Service of the University of Montpellier and responds to the will of :

    • to build up a collection of images that can be used for communication purposes and/or to enhance the value of the university,
    • manage the use of these images while ensuring legal compliance with image rights.
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