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OSIPE - Observatoire du Suivi et de l'Insertion Professionnelle des Étudiants - is a department attached to SCUIO-IP which carries out a wide range of surveys and analyses. Its role is to provide useful information for the guidance of future and young students. OSIPE also provides the university, teaching staff and the general public with information on student career paths and career opportunities.

Who are the new university entrants?

OSIPE regularly conducts a specific survey to gain a better understanding of the characteristics of new students entering the UM.

Information is gathered and analyzed on the choice of course, how they see themselves in the future, their motivation to study, the difficulties they encounter and other topics. This information is available in the form of summaries and detailed reports.

What are the educational trajectories of UM students?

OSIPE relies on information collected during surveys and on University (Apogée) and Ministry (SISE) databases to observe students' choices of pathways and additional training.

Information on the choices made by graduates of a Bachelor's degree, a professional Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree from the UM in terms of further and/or complementary studies is made available to the public and guidance professionals.

What is the professional future of UM graduates?

Every year, OSIPE conducts surveys on the career paths and employment situation of former Bachelor's, Professional Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate students after graduation.

Find out more about this first phase of active life:

  • The list of jobs held by graduates, the skills they can use and their job satisfaction.
  • List of employers by business sector and region
  • A qualitative analysis of graduate integration

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