The SCUIO-IP helps you develop your project, from the construction of your training course to your professional integration. It will also help you with your reorientation.

You are a student at the University of Montpellier but you are not sure if you are on the right track? Don't panic!

If the study plan you initially chose at university does not correspond to your expectations, the university system allows you to reorient your course of study in the Bachelor's and Master's programmes. To build a new study project, it is important to talk to your teachers and counselling professionals as soon as possible.
To consider a reorientation, to help you build your professional project, the National Education Psychologists (PsyEN) of the SCUIO-IP provide you with personalised help.

C3R - "React / Rebound / Succeed" certification

A free University Diploma for students in their first year, to help them build a new study project from the second semester.

5 modules with a total of 62 hours from November to December:

  • "Bilan-Projet-Action": Working on the student's assessment, getting to know oneself, highlighting one's skills, desires and abilities. Build a project that is coherent with the assessment and the realities of the working world.
  • "Oral Communication": Working on oral expression, public speaking, preparing for an interview...
  • "Written Communication": Develop your writing skills, work on your professional writing...
  • "Methodology": Social themes, press reviews, work methodology, etc.
  • 1 optional module: "Practical notions about the company and the labour market": The different types of contracts and possibilities of youth employment (youth contract, apprenticeship contract...). Procedures and information on work-linked training/apprenticeship.

Individual interviews

The interviews, by appointment, allow you to express your expectations regarding your study path, to analyse your experiences and to develop orientation strategies in complete confidentiality.
To make an appointment, contact the SCUIO-IP. Telephone contacts below

In the first year of your studies, if you wish to change to another course, you have two options:

You can reorient yourself in the first semester

It is possible to ask for your reorientation towards another speciality or even towards another licence for the second semester of your first year. Contact your pedagogical secretariat as well as the National Education Psychologists (PsyEN) of the SCUIO-IP to find out about all the possibilities and the arrangements available to you. You will probably have to validate some of the courses in the first semester of your new course.

You can validate your year and choose another course for the next school year

From the second semester of L1 onwards, you can no longer reorient yourself during the year. Instead of abandoning your course, you can also validate your current year. This will allow you to redirect your course while keeping the same level of study (L1, L2, L3).
To better build your professional project, contact the National Education Psychologists (PsyEN) of the SCUIO-IP.

Benefit from individualised advice, with or without an appointment, in the preparation of your application documents for further study (Bachelor's, Master's, etc.):

  • Identify your skills to enhance them;
  • organise your search for training ;
  • writing a CV and cover letter;
  • prepare for the motivation interview.

Information, timetable and registration on the visual opposite.


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An information and communication officer welcomes you for all your questions about orientation, reorientation, further studies, the University's training offer...
A person in charge of helping you to find a job or an internship, to write your CV and cover letter, to prepare your recruitment interviews, to prepare your application files for your training projects...