Orientation and reorientation

The SCUIO-IP helps you develop your project, from building your training path to finding a job. It can also help you with your reorientation.

You're a student at the University of Montpellier, but you're not sure you're on the right track? Don't panic!

If the course of study you initially chose at university doesn't meet your expectations, the university system allows you to reorient your course of study at both Bachelor's and Master's levels. To build a new study project, it's important to talk to your teachers and professional advisers as soon as possible.

SCUIO-IP's National Education Psychologists (PsyEN) can provide you with personalized support to help you consider a change of direction and build your career plan.

C3R - "React / Rebound / Succeed" certification

A free University Diploma for 1st year students, to help them build a new study project from the second semester onwards.

5 Modules with an overall hourly volume of 52 hours from November to December :

  • "Bilan-Projet-Action": Work on the student's assessment, getting to know him/herself, highlighting skills, desires and abilities. Build a project consistent with your assessment and the realities of the working world.
  • "Oral Communication": Work on oral expression, public speaking, preparing for an interview...
  • "Written Communication": Develop your writing skills, work on your professional writing...
  • "Information research methodology and social networks... " Social themes, press reviews, work methodology...
  • "Practical notions about companies and the job market: different types of contracts and opportunities for young people (youth contracts, apprenticeship contracts, etc.). Procedures and information on work-study/apprenticeship schemes.

Group workshops

Workshops to help students pursue their studies at the Richter and Triolet campuses.

Workshop 1: Identify and enhance your skills

  • Understand the notion of competence in its entirety.
  • Identify your own skills and select them appropriately for a targeted application.

Workshop 2: Designing a CV/cover letter for further study

  • Guide you through the different stages of CV design and cover letter writing, with a view to applying for further study.

Workshop 3: Preparing for a motivational interview (training entry)

  • Guide you through the different stages of preparing for a motivational interview for entry to a selective training program.

Individual interviews, by appointment, also enable you to express your expectations regarding your course of study, analyze your experiences and work out guidance strategies in complete confidentiality.

To make an appointment, contact SCUIO-IP.

How do I reorient my studies?

In your first year of study, if you wish to change course, you have two options:

  • You can reorient yourself as early as the first semester
    You can ask to be reoriented towards another specialization or even another bachelor's degree for the second semester of your first year. Contact your academic secretary and the SCUIO-IP's Psychologues de l'Éducation Nationale (PsyEN) to find out about all the options available to you. You'll probably have to validate some of the courses in the first semester of your new course.
  • You can validate your year and choose another course for the start of the next academic year
    From the second semester of L1, you can no longer reorient yourself during the year. Instead of abandoning your course, you can also validate your current year. This will enable you to redirect your course while keeping the same level of study (L1, L2, L3).
    To help you build your career plan, contact the National Education Psychologists (PsyEN) at SCUIO-IP.

Support in pursuing your studies

Benefit from individualized advice, with or without an appointment, to help you prepare your application documents for further study (Bachelor's, Master's, etc.):

  • identify your skills to enhance them ;
  • organizing your search for training ;
  • write your CV and cover letter ;
  • prepare for your motivation interview.

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