The University of Montpellier is a driving force for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Whether you're a student looking for a stimulating way to enter the world of work, a doctoral student wishing to make a societal impact with your research, or a researcher choosing to make the most of the opportunities offered by the PACTE Act, the University of Montpellier is there to help you.

The UM's support services for future entrepreneurs

  • INITIUM : the University of Montpellier's incubator, born of the consolidation of the I-SITE Excellence Program and the University Innovation Cluster label, is dedicated to future entrepreneurs. It offers a wide range of services and support adapted to every stage in the creation of a company, from teams to intellectual property.
  • PEPITE Deeptech: this program, managed by the INITIUM incubator, is designed for students, PhD students and young researchers with DeepTech projects. It offers a stimulating environment in which to develop these innovative initiatives.

The University of Montpellier is part of a major business network in Occitania

The University of Montpellier is part of a diversified entrepreneurial ecosystem and is a member of ResO IP+, supported by the Occitanie Region and AD'OCC. This network brings together incubators and nurseries in Occitanie, offering networking and professionalization opportunities.

The Pôle Universitaire d'Innovation (PUI), led by the Université de Montellier, plays a key role in coordinating and coordinating the network's activities withAgroVallée Incubation, Extracteur de l'Innovation, SATT AxLR, BIC de Montpellier, CNRS Innovation, Inserm Transfert, Inrae Transfert and Inria Startup Studio, optimizing the range of support and resources available to the various target groups.

Financing solutions for start-ups

The University of Montpellier offers in-house programs such as the Booster Innovation Montpellier designed to provide financial resources for entrepreneurial projects emanating from the university community.

The INITIUM incubator assists entrepreneurs in identifying and securing external financing, thanks to partnerships with organizations such as Bpifrance.

It also offers support in preparing for specific competitions and funding opportunities such as the French Tech Lab, i-PhD, and i-Lab grants.

Events organized at the University of Montpellier for innovators

  • The Innovation Afterwork : the University of Montpellier's flagship annual event, which rewards the winners of the Innovation Awards and brings together partners in the I-Site Excellence Program, researchers, doctoral students and companies.
  • The DeepTech Tour: in collaboration with Bpifrance, the University of Montpellier co-organizes the annual Deeptech Tour. This event brings together researchers, entrepreneurs and investors to catalyze innovation and promote technological entrepreneurship in the region. It offers an exceptional showcase for advances in DeepTech and creates opportunities for strategic partnerships.

The University of Montpellier, a key player in the innovation ecosystem, offers a wide range of programs, support and partnerships for those wishing to move from idea to impact.

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