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Since 2018, the University of Montpellier and its partners in the I-Site Excellence Program (PEI) have been involved in setting up partnerships between the Research PEI units and companies, through the " Companies And Campus " program.

The aim of the program

  • Facilitate the establishment of new partnerships, including the arrival of company employees or those with business start-up projects, in research structures around a topic of common interest.
  • Support innovation by enabling companies to benefit from the latest innovations from public research.
  • Improve exchanges between public research and the socio-economic world.

Who can participate in the Companies and Campus program?

This program is aimed at the 120 research units of the I-Site Excellence Program (PEI) partners, as well as the departments of the University Hospital Federations (FHU), Montpellier and Nîmes University Hospitals and the Montpellier Cancer Institute.

The project must therefore be carried out by one of the 16 PEI partners, in collaboration with a private partner (an existing company or a business start-up).

Collaborations resulting from the " Companies and Campus " program

Winners Companies and Campus #3 (2022/2023)

  • RECOMPOSE project: BIOWooEB(CIRAD) / CARAYON Menuiserie: Recycling wood waste from joinery into biocomposite materials for the home.
  • TRONK DX project: IRMB(INSERM / UM) / NK Diagnostics: Trogocytosis by natural killer (NK) cells in diagnostics.
  • CONSEQUENCES INSUFFISANCE RENALE project: MMDN(INSERM / EPHE / UM) / RD-Néphrologie: Consequences of chronic renal failure on cerebral dysfunction.
  • PHENORECYCLE project: ICGM(CNRS / ENSCM / UM) / SAINT GOBAIN RECHERCHE: Recyclability of phenolic resin depolymerization residues.
  • PRECRIME-PLUS project: LIRMM(CNRS / UM / INRIA / UPVD / UPVM) / Bfore.Ai: Graph Pattern Mining applied to DNS fraud detection.
  • REGENAmel project: IBMM (UM)(CNRS / ENSCM / UM) / PIERRE FABRE: Development and characterization of innovative solutions for dental remineralization.
  • SENOCHONDRO3D project: IRMB(INSERM / UM) / HCS PHARMA: Setting up a preclinical model of osteoarthritic cartilage combining a hydroscaffold and senescent chondrocytes for high-throughput identification of osteoarthritis serotherapies.
  • EPI-VIR project: IRIM(CNRS / UM) / VOXCAN: Miniaturized respiratory epithelia and innovative tools for studying and characterizing antivirals.
  • DIAPASON Project: MARBEC(CNRS / IRD / IFREMER / UM / INRAE) / EDF SA: Deep learning of seabird trAjectory for imPact AssesSment of Offshore wiNd / Simulation par apprentissage profond du comportement des oiseaux marins : évaluation de l'impact des parcs éoliens en mer.
  • SYSVIR project: ISEM(CNRS / IRD / UM / EPHE / CIRAD / INRAP) / PHYMEA: Development of a system for imaging and automated quantification of the virulence of phytophagous mites on tomato.

Winners Companies And Campus #2 (2020/2021)

  • Water EcoCase project: CHIMECO(CNRS) / Bioinspir: Ecotechnology for the depollution of metal-contaminated effluents using a plant filter to preserve and restore the quality of aquatic systems, which also enables the valorization of biomass for green and sustainable chemistry.
  • MYCINDOOR project: LSTM(IRD) / Futura Gaia: Optimization of the productivity of a controlled-environment farming solution based on living soil through qualitative and quantitative management of mycorrhizal fungi communities collected from thyme plants in the Occitanie region.
  • Nkab Therapy project: IRMB (UM) / MEDXCELL NKAR: Stably confer selectivity to allogeneic Natural Killer (NK) cells, by "arming" them with a modified monoclonal antibody.
  • Progeria project: IBMM (UM) / ProGeLife: Developing therapeutic solutions for rare diseases characterized by accelerated aging.
  • MetalVert project: LSTM(IRD) / Fertil'Innov: Endophytic bacteria-assisted phytostabilization of metallophyte seeds.
  • FENM-AD project: MMDN (UM, EPHE, INSERM) / Startup ReST Therapeutics: Proving the efficacy of FENM as a second-generation neuroprotectant in Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.
  • TDI-GT project: IBMM(CNRS, UM, ENSCM) / Startup MT-ACT: The new approach aims to target MT detyrosination to positively affect Tau binding and subsequently improve MT integrity. By targeting this totally unexplored mechanism of action (MoA), MT-act aims to provide a neuroprotective approach in glaucoma.
  • PHARE project: EuroMov (UM) / Startup DiapyMed: To provide diabetic patients with a mobile application capable of enabling them to manage their insulin therapy in a relevant and effective way, without a blood sugar crash despite physical activity.
  • GOLUM project: EspaceDev(IRD, UM) / Startup La TeleScop: Global observation of the land-sea interface: mangrove monitoring services for end-users.
  • RUSE project: ChimEco(CNRS / UM) / Laboratoires BioProtection: The project is based on the study and production of a molecular bouquet with strong repellent properties against arthropod vectors of dreaded infectious diseases (dengue, zika, chigungunya).
  • ECOLAGON project: GM (UM / CNRS / University of the West Indies) / Startup Line Up Ocean: Development of innovative "Shore Soft Engineering" (SSE) methods for coastal dynamics, with the coast considered here as a complete hydro-morpho-ecobiological system.
  • BeatMove project: EuroMov (UM / IMT Mines d'Alès) / Startup BeatHealth : For the first time, this project aims to broaden the scope of our rhythm-based applications. Obesity has been identified as a prime target, before considering other chronic diseases.
  • CS-LYASE project: PhymedExp(CNRS / UM / INSERM) / Oenobrands: The research project is based on the study of exogenous C-S lyase enzymes whose direct use in winemaking and brewing could bypass the low activity of conventional yeasts and thus increase the conversion of thiol precursors into volatile thiols.

Companies AND Campus #1 winners (2018/2019)

  • ADNe Indicators project:UMR MARBEC / SPYGEN: creating new marine biodiversity indicators based on environmental DNA.
  • SOFT BEACH project: GEOSCIENCES / BRL Ingénierie laboratory: research and development into the design of intelligent structures to protect sandy beaches.
  • PEACE Project: CEFE / ZOO DE BEAUVAL : proposing a new approach to Asian elephant protection strategies outside existing protected areas.
  • PRECISIONMEDMM project: IGH / DIAD2TEC: developing new therapeutic tools to improve management of patients with multiple myeloma.
  • ZEBRAVAR project: IGF / DIAGN'CELL start-up: to develop systematic methods for assessing cardiac activity disorders with a view to optimizing the genetic diagnosis of cardiac disorders.
  • DISUCOG project: EUROMOV / SEMAXONE: to develop software associated with a brain/computer interface enabling real-time monitoring of psycho-physiological and cognitive states in humans.
  • PICproject : UMR ITAP / FRUITION SCIENCES : develop a sampling method to estimate vineyard yield before harvest.
  • SALAD CARE project: LSTM / BACTOLYTIX: developing an innovative biocontrol technique against phytopathogenic lettuce bacteria.
  • RETINOCT project: LIRMM / LA START'UP ACUSURGICAL: build a robot by coupling the position of the instrument carried by the robot with the position of the microscope and medical imagery, enabling better control of the surgical gesture.
  • SALSA project: ITAP / INDATECH: develop a multispectral probe, already developed by Indatech Chauvin Arnoux, with higher performance and lower cost, by integrating a wavelength-tunable illumination system based on Digital Light Processing technology.
  • GENETIC ANOMALIES: IRMB / STEM GENOMICS project: to develop a new mesenchymal stem cell test based on IRMB teams, at the forefront of regenerative medicine research, with developments for chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and chronic rheumatic diseases.
  • SPINSTIM project: LIRMM / SPINOFF NEURINNOV: developing palliative solutions for severe deficiencies in bladder and bowel functions, in response to the current challenges of public health and an ageing population.
  • NEOCEAN project: ISEM / SPINOFF NEOCEAN to develop a new hydrofoil boat technology based on biomimicry, and finalize the development of the flying boat prototype.

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